Campos Coffee partners with Fred Hollows Foundation

Fred Hollows

Campos Coffee has partnered with the Fred Hollows Foundation, an Australian charity dedicated to restoring eyesight in people who are needlessly blind.

“For Campos, good ethics means more than just avoiding bad practice. It means actively supporting good practice and helping the communities we work with,” says Campos Coffee.

Due to this, Campos Coffee has donated to the Fred Hollow Charity to support its ongoing work in Ethiopia and Kenya, two key countries where Campos sources its coffee.

The Fred Hollows charity aims to grow the eye health workforce in these regions, treating and preventing the spread of blinding infectious eye diseases such as trachoma.

“We wholeheartedly believe in Campos’ ability to impact the lives of the communities from which we buy beautiful coffees, and The Fred Hollows Foundation allows us to do just that,” says Sarah Lynch, Head of Marketing at Campos Coffee.

“Restoring sight to those most in need throughout Kenya and Ethiopia is something we and our customers can be proud of supporting.”

Founded in 1992 by eye surgeon and humanitarian Professor Fred Hollows himself, the foundation continues striving to achieve his life dream.

“Together, our vision is to transform lives by creating a long-lasting ripple effect of prosperity that improves the quality of life of not just our producers but also the lives of their families and wider community,” says Campos Coffee.

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