Campos Coffee releases limited edition COE Colombia coffee

Campos Coffee

Campos Coffee has announced the special release of a Cup of Excellence (COE)-placing coffee from long-time producing partner Linarco Rodriguez Ospina from Huila, Colombia.

Linarco’s coffee placed second in the 2019 Colombia North COE, with a cupping score of 92.17.

“After buying coffees from Linarco for the past five years, we feel privileged to be able to share Linarco’s big win with our Campos community. We always pushed him towards aiming high for the COE, and to reach the top two in Colombia is a wonderful achievement,” Campos Coffee Founder Will Young says.

“Linarco is a great guy who invests more and more into his farm with new varietals, farming techniques, and processing equipment. Coffee is not a cash crop for him. It is totally his passion and his neighbours know him as the quality obsessed coffee guy who leads their coffee community.  I’ve been swearing for years that he was one of the best producers in Colombia, and now to see him actually place gives me faith the COE is doing the right thing. His quality coffee is now proven to be true and certified.

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“This was by far my favourite on the cupping table on the day of the final top ten in Colombia. It’s a high impact Colombian coffee: very very sweet, bright acidity, raspberry, peach nectar, berry, toffee. This is craftsmanship of Colombian coffee at its best.”

The Linarco Rodriguez Ospina Colombia COE#2 Single Origin Coffee will be available for a limited time HERE.

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