Campos Coffee Superior Blend

Campos Coffee Superior Blend

Campos Superior has a fresh new look. Rest assured, it’s still the same high-quality coffee inside. The new Campos Superior Blend packaging emulates the roaster’s famous green cup that is widely recognised and sought after.

Campos Superior is the roaster’s signature, quintessential coffee blend and what it has proudly served in its cafés from the very start. Combining fresh, high-quality specialty coffees from producing partners in Ethiopia, Kenya and Colombia, this full-bodied coffee is carefully roasted to deliver sweet caramel, butterscotch, and milk chocolate flavours in the cup.

Campos prides itself on the blend tasting consistent throughout the year. This consistency can only come from the roasting and blending expertise it has built up since day one. It is dedicated to that richness, sweetness, complexity, and those particular flavours, all of which it looks forward to tasting both on the cupping table and in the green cup every morning.

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