Campos Coffee unveils ‘superior’ new packaging

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Australian roaster Campos Coffee has announced the release of a new packaging for its coffee range, with that of its Superior blend emulating its recognisable green takeaway cup.

“This is the packaging redesign we have been looking forward to for many years now. What we have here is literally years in the making and we could not be more excited. Our flagship Superior Blend will now be delivered in our signature Campos Green to match our iconic green cup,” says Will Young, Founder of Campos Coffee.

“We love coffee and are very serious about the quality and consistency of each blend and single origin. A big part of what we love about coffee is its ability to bring folks together and put a smile on their faces. This is a big year where we are all emerging from harder times. More smiling, more fun, more community. That’s what 2021 is all about and this new packaging design reflects the mood in the air for us.”

Campos coffee packagingCampos has also extended the new design across its full range of blends and single origins coffees to create a look that includes useful product information “to help everyone discover just how easy it is to enjoy great coffee, wherever you are”.

“Finding the right colour green was critical to this project. We have also updated the packaging design for our blends and single origins to have a much more unified look. I’m excited by how the descriptions highlight the sweetness in each coffee,” Will says.

From dark chocolate to caramel to butterscotch, all our coffees deliver sweetness in their own way, and this is only brought about through sourcing quality beans and then developing the sugars through expert roasting.

“We also enjoyed adding a nod to the roasting degree which ranges from Scandinavian to Australian to Southern Italian. Australian coffee has its own roast style and we are proud to list our Superior Blend as a distinctly Australian roast shaped by this great coffee culture we wake up to every morning.”

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