Campos Coffee updates how-to brew guides

Campos coffee

Australian roaster Campos Coffee has added to its collection of brew guides, including how to create a pour over using a Chemex, techniques for crafting cold brews, and Moccamaster methods.

The company has also reshot its existing brew guides on the espresso, plunger, stovetop, and Aeropress methods. The new guides are longer and more in-depth, catering for audiences at any level.

“Making great tasting coffee at home is so rewarding and with a few simple tips and tricks, coffee drinkers of all levels can share in the coffee making experience,” says Adam Matheson, Chief Coffee Officer of Campos Coffee.

Each guide includes a written method, pro-tips and an instructional YouTube video designed to help barista’s achieve great coffee. These videos feature Will Young, Campos Coffee Founder or Lloyd Thom, Campos Green Bean Buyer.

The collection also includes guides on frothing and pouring milk, how to improve the home coffee experience, and deciding coffee grind size for brewing.

“We’ve gone to the effort to reshoot our brew guide videos to always stay on top of those tips and details, always keeping our coffee drinking community front and centre in our minds, and forever striving to ensure everyone can love great coffee as much as we do,” Adam says.

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