Campos Coffee launches in Woolworths nationwide

Campos Coffee Woolworths

Campos Coffee has made its signature Superior Blend available in 990 Woolworths stores nationwide.

These supermarkets join the more than 700 cafés across Australia serving coffee from the Australian International Coffee Awards 2020 Roaster of the Year.

According to Will Young, Founder of Campos Coffee, Australians prize the highest quality coffee, but for too long, the quality on the shelves in supermarkets did not match this demand.

“Australia is a specialty coffee drinking nation. There is no other population so wedded to high quality beans. It is only recently that the same quality coffee has become conveniently available to this population through progressive grocery stores,” Will says.

“Our quality for the Superior rests at 86 to 86.5 [on the 100-point coffee review scale] – I doubt there’s anywhere in the world where you could buy a level of bean this high in a nationwide grocery store.”

Campos says it has built a quality control system that is unmatched in Australia and likely globally, allowing scaling to levels beyond other roasters. It has also been working with its specialty coffee farmer partners over the last two decades to ensure that their superior standard of coffee remains the same, regardless of the volume required, allowing them to achieve this new distribution.

“Even though there is no travelling, we have the supply chain that can endure this,” Will says.

“We have the amazing relationships which can survive, and this is also such a boon for the farmer during tough times. You have to be walking in the fields and when this is all over, we’ll be back in the trees.”

Recent studies by the coffee roaster showed that, even before isolation measures, more than three quarters of Australian coffee drinkers also buy coffee from the supermarket to use at home, despite visiting cafés multiple times a week.

The roaster says a cup of Campos Coffee is served more than 50 million times each year, and while Australians are particular about drinking the best coffee when out and about, the options for coffee at home aren’t usually as good.

The Campos Superior Blend is available to Woolworths in 250-gram bags for $14, 500-gram bags for $25, and one-kilogram for $45.

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