Campos Long Island

Campos Long Island

After more than a year of development, Campos launched its new flagship café, Campos Long Island, in August.

The 500-square-metre venue has three different sections, all with unique characteristics. Through these, Campos Long Island provides different atmospheres and settings within the one venue, which appeal to a variety of customers looking for different dining experiences.

“It’s a space where you can meet friends, have a formal meeting, or where parents can bring their prams,” Director Eugene Phua says. “There’s plenty of parking downstairs and in the surrounding neighbourhood, which we did not have at some of our previous locations. 

We’ve got a lot of businesses and residential areas around us so people are coming in throughout the day and for their afternoon drinks.”

As Campos’s flagship Brisbane store, the café serves a variety of Campos blends and single origins daily, including its Superior Blend, which is showcased at the Long Island location.

“Coffee has long been our focus and strength,” Eugene says. “For consistency we will offer our flagship Superior Blend daily and also have a selection of single origins for customers looking to try something unique and oftentimes exclusive. 

“On one day, our cold drip offering could be a Costa Rica Los Cuarteles, the pour over a Cup of Excellence El Salvador – La Divina Providencia, and our Blade Runner Blend on nitro.”

The café’s menu includes a variety of gourmet options, but also emphasises healthy alternatives, such as protein balls and vegetarian options alongside typical eggs Benedict and fry-ups in order to cater to the diverse clientele in the area.

Additionally, every Friday and Saturday evening, Campos Long Island extends it hours to offer tapas and liquor to customers looking to celebrate the end of the work week.

“People come to us expecting an exceptional cup of coffee and we’re delivering. But not everybody would like a cup of coffee on a Friday afternoon,” Eugene says. “We’re hoping to cater for everyone. Customers can have a great cup of coffee or even a glass of champagne if they wish.”

Campos Long Island also crafts specialty cocktails, including espresso martinis using the café’s own cold drip as a base and Long Island iced teas using its house-brewed cascara tea.

While Campos Long Island has plenty of technology and equipment on display, including its 12-kilogram Probat roaster, Eugene says you don’t need to be a coffee connoisseur to enjoy the locale. 

“During the week, we see business people having their meetings and then on weekends they’re coming in wanting to share this space with their families,” he says.

Eugene thanks designer Scott Petherick and developer Damian Cavallucci for getting the café off the ground.

“They listened to what we wanted,” he says. “They made a space that is both approachable and timeless.”

Campos Long Island

18 Longland St, Teneriffe, 

Queensland, 4005

Open Sunday to Thursday 7am to 5pm, Friday and Saturday 7am to 7pm

(07) 3252 3612

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