Campos to release four limited edition CoE coffees

Campos Coffee

Campos Coffee is launching four limited edition Cup of Excellence (CoE) coffees on 1 March, won at exclusive auctions by buyers in 2023. This includes Campos’s first coffee sourced from Taiwan.

“Cup of Excellence has become a centre point for defining how we approach quality and relationships as well as the emphasis we place on transparency and traceability,” says Lloyd Thom, Campos Coffee’s Green Bean Buyer.

​To qualify for CoE, beans from the world’s top coffee-producing regions endure a rigorous judging process; with more than 300 entries and 9000 cups analysed, before finalists are blind taste tested and scored out of 100 by a panel of international judges. To qualify as a finalist, coffees must score 87 or above, with top lots typically scoring over 90. The 30 highest scoring are then sold in a highly competitive auction where they fetch premium prices.

The coffees will be launched in exclusive premium packaging and will include Guatemala Pampojilá Y Anexos, an espresso roast with a fruit-forward complexity that ranked 27th in the 2023 Guatemala CoE; an El Salvador Noruega Natural Geisha filter roast with complex florals and fruits that are the signature of this exotic variety; a Peru El Rejo washed Bourbon espresso coffee from El Rejo in Peru; and Taiwan Koana. A first for Campos, this Taiwanese coffee is a naturally processed SL34 filter roast, earning 12th place in the ​ Best of Taiwan in its first competition with its exotic tasting notes including rose water, quince, and bubblegum.

Designed especially for extra premium coffee releases, the new packaging includes a 150-gram bag in a bespoke printed box, as well as a detailed tasting card. ​

Campos Coffee has supported the CoE program since 2010 and during this time, has become one of the biggest buyers of the program in Australia, having been involved in more than 54 international juries, and purchasing more than 133 coffee lots.

​“The program has set the standard for increased premiums that farmers have been able to receive for their exemplary coffees. It gives them the tools needed to improve the economic model of their farms, as well as recognising and financially rewarding them for their hard work and effort,” says Lloyd.

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