Can cafés actually make money? Bureaux Collective to host spotlight session

Bureaux Collective will host an industry panel discussion on the topic of whether an ‘honest café can actually make honey’ on Thursday 26 July.

The event will take place at 29A Gwynne Street, Melbourne from 6pm to 9pm.

“With rising operating costs and a glass ceiling on coffee prices, the one-time healthy margins are thinning out for cafés,” says Bureaux Collective. “Operators are stretched, making the cutting of corners go from a temptation to commonplace.”

It says however, that with customer expectations extremely high, the public’s awareness of operating costs is very low.

Bureaux Collective will host the discuss with guest speakers Al Keating of Coffee Supreme, Kael Sahely of Vacation and Kirsten Baker of Finders Keepers.

The discussion will talk about responsibilities, café functionality, should customers pay more, are operators at fault, and how Melbourne can set the scene for the rest of the country to follow.

“We think running an honest, sustainable and successful café is tough, but definitely possible. With the help of some successful and seasoned operators, we’ll be armed to take a reading of the café scene, and extract what it takes to make it,” Bureaux Collective says.

Bureaux Collective is a shared roasting facility that provides training, support and access to equipment for Melbourne-based cafés. It has been hosting ‘Taste of’ events for coffee professionals over the past year.

For more information and to register attendance, click here.

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