Care through coffee cups: Rainforest Rescue launches Voices for the Rainforest campaign

Australian not-for-profit Rainforest Rescue, in partnership with sustainable packaging brand BioPak, has launched its campaign Voices for the Rainforest.

The campaign will see artwork from 18 global stars featured on Biopak’s BioCup Art Series Cups to raise awareness and funds for the Daintree rainforest located in Queensland, Australia.

“We all work hard at Rainforest Rescue to raise awareness and support for Australia’s Daintree – the longest continuously surviving and evolving rainforest – and we are grateful for this campaign to grow this global community and to raise awareness and much-needed funds for their rescue, restoration, and protection,” says Branden Barber, CEO of Rainforest Rescue.

Thirty per cent of the world’s carbon dioxide is absorbed and stored in rainforests, says Branden.

With 18.7 million acres of these forests being torn down annually, according to Rainforest Rescue, funds to protect the rapidly dwindling rainforests are key to reducing climate change.

“Most people don’t realise that the Daintree is at risk of development,” says Branden. “It is, and we work to stop that while also restoring degraded rainforest habitat for the benefit of the myriad species of the Daintree.”

Art from individuals such as three-time Olympian and NBA champion Patty Mills, Australian fashion designer Camilla Franks, and singer/songwriter Ziggy Alberts will be featured in the campaign, alongside works from photographers, nutritionists, chefs, and more.

“Working with the artists who’ve come together to use their voices to call for the rainforest’s protection, and the part we all play in that, is inspiring,” says Branden.

With the BioCup Art Series Cups made of plants and certified compostable, BioPak Founder Richard Fine is delighted to be able to raise awareness about the Rainforest Rescue and the positive environmental impact the organisation has had.

“Reforestation and conservation are essential to building a better, more sustainable future. BioPak is a business committed to being a force for good, and thanks to Rainforest Rescue we have been able to participate in the restoration and protection of the Daintree rainforest since 2012,” says Richard.

Funds raised will go towards the development and support of a new Rainforest Rescue Nursery that has the ability to grow 150,000 trees annually. This will aid Rainforest Rescue’s capacity to help rescue and protect the Daintree Rainforest.

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