Cáscara Moonshine

Campos Coffee and Melbourne Moonshine have perfected the world’s first liqueur based on the Cáscara coffee cherry bean from Costa Rica.

The result is the limited edition Melbourne Moonshine Cáscara Moonshine, and there’s only 100 bottles up for grabs.

Cáscara — ‘husk’ in Spanish — is made from the dehydrated cherries of the coffee plant.

Traditionally discarded, Campos has worked with a small coffee farm in Costa Rica to keep and naturally dry the cherries, resulting in a fruity coffee variety that gives a more subtle, tea-like taste.

Campos Coffee is focused on innovation in coffee, and realised the untapped potential of this previously under-utilised part of the coffee tree.

After months of testing to get the flavours right, the end result is a rich liqueur with cherry and raisin flavours, and hints of molasses, reminiscent of Christmas Cake. Mixed perfectly with blood orange or consumed straight over ice.

Only 100 bottles will be available for retail in the limited edition run through online alcohol marketplace BoozeBud in the lead-up to Christmas, retailing for $69.78.

For more information visit www.camposcoffee.com or to purchase the product visit boozebud.com

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