Besser Kitchen and Brew Bar

Besser Kitchen and Brew Bar

Though Besser Kitchen and Brew Bar takes its name from the besser blocks that make up its building, the café uses wood panelling, polished concrete floors, and greenery to lighten the space.

“Traditionally, Winnellie is an industrial area, but more corporate businesses are starting to open up here. It wasn’t the sort of place where you would find a sit-down venue. Everything was more of a takeaway style,” Director Lisa Heames says. Read more

Buddy Espresso

Buddy Espresso

When best friends Eugene Coghlan, Alastair Hall, Marc Nanfro, and Jared Bryan decided to open their second café, the idea was to create an intimate, relaxed space that focused on bringing quality coffee to the local community.

“Buddy Espresso’s main offering is the coffee. We’re a very beverage-focused café. We offer Toby’s Estate’s Brunswick as our house blend and rotate their single origins for our filter coffee,” Eugene says. Read more

Vilicia Coffee

Vilicia Coffee

As busy office workers in Hobart rush to start their day, there is one place they know they can stop for quality coffee and breakfast on the go. 

Vilicia Coffee, the first child of founders Alicia Liu and Viv Xiao, has been a Murray Street staple since its arrival in 2014. While their second creation, Bear With Me, is a place to sit back and relax, Vilicia Coffee has a different dynamic that suits its CBD location. Read more



After 20 years of experience in hospitality, Zach Hiotis had a vision to bring something fresh to the Sydney CBD. In early 2017, Regiment was born, and on the verge of its third anniversary, Zach says the café is continuing to go from strength to strength.

“Regiment is a collective progression of everything I’ve done over the years. I really wanted to bring a higher end offering to the CBD market,” Zach says.  Read more

Bang Grind

Bang & Grind

Prior to taking ownership of Bang & Grind in 2016, Tony Barr was a long-time regular of the Cairns café.

“I’ve been in the business since 1994 and this is my fifth store. I realised it had a lot of potential as a coffee shop, especially in the busy city area,” Tony says. Read more

Jack Co

Jack & Co

When people think of petrol stations, high-quality food and coffee aren’t usually the first things that come to mind. Wade Death is looking to change that with his New South Wales convenience store chain Jack & Co.

“I felt that there was a significant gap in the convenience market for a high-end food offer,” Wade says. “We actually sell a lot of the same products as the rest of the industry. Ours is made fresh and a significant step up in quality.” Read more

Kohitsuji Café

Kohitsuji Café

For Shunsuke Kamoda and his wife, a chef and barista by trade, opening a café was the perfect way to combine their talents and passions.

So when the pair started Kohitsuji Café in downtown Wellington, they had the necessary knowledge on food and coffee covered.  Read more

May Street Larder Mezz

May Street Larder @ The Mezz

Perth café owner and former Olympian Eamon Sullivan was out with his family when he stumbled on a vacant store at the local Mezz Shopping Centre. He thought it would be perfect to extend his May Street Larder concept.

“The previous tenants vacated about a year ago and I remember walking by one day with the family and mentioned May Street Larder would do pretty well in this area,” Eamon says. Read more

Meal Machines

Meal Machines

Beginning as a pre-packaged meal service aimed at fitness enthusiasts, Meal Machines near Hobart puts an emphasis on fresh and healthy food. It combines this with a play centre to accommodate parents.

“I’ve created an environment that’s quite holistic,” Meal Machines Director Chris Thurlow says. “You can come in with your kids and have a coffee while they play, or go to the gym and relax afterwards with a coffee, whole fruit smoothie, or acai bowl.” Read more

Time Place

Time & Place

There’s always a time and place for good coffee, and that’s what Leor Haimes aimed to provide when he opened his second café in Bentleigh East in January. 

“It’s really bringing that side of Bentleigh together and we’ve already got so many regulars,” Leor says. “It’s quite amazing to see how quickly a café in the middle of nowhere – we’re the first in the area to be doing what we’re doing – can grow and bring people together.” Read more

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