Time Place

Time & Place

There’s always a time and place for good coffee, and that’s what Leor Haimes aimed to provide when he opened his second café in Bentleigh East in January. 

“It’s really bringing that side of Bentleigh together and we’ve already got so many regulars,” Leor says. “It’s quite amazing to see how quickly a café in the middle of nowhere – we’re the first in the area to be doing what we’re doing – can grow and bring people together.” Read more

A Mother's Milk

A Mother’s Milk

For many café owners, a toned-down, rustic look is a design choice made to increase the character of their venue. But for A Mother’s Milk in South Australia, it began as a necessity.

“When the original owners set up the café, they didn’t have much of a budget for design, so it was quite raw, with exposed bricks and wooden floorboards. But the concept has become more popular and it looks amazing now,” Owner Tania Basheer says.  Read more

Method to the Madness

Method to the Madness

What’s in a name? When the time came to name their first café in the Sunshine State, Reagan Nongkhlaw and Urvik Bhalani turned to one the greatest creative minds in history – William Shakespeare.

Method to the Madness comes from a famous line in Hamlet, “Though this be madness, yet there is method”. Reagan says they settled on the name because it reflected his and Urvik’s decision to move from the dynamic Melbourne coffee scene to Kenmore. Read more

Ozone COffee ROasters

Ozone Coffee Roasters

In a former warehouse in the Auckland suburb of Grey Lynn, Ozone Coffee Roasters’ new eatery and roastery combines industrial elements with a warm, hospitable feel. Creative Director James Gurr says this creates a space that morphs throughout the day. 

“We had been seeking the right opportunity to have an Auckland presence for some time. We wanted to find the right place and although it took longer than we expected, the space we found in Grey Lynn was just the spot, within a community we couldn’t wait to be a part of,” James says.

“It’s a leafy suburb, a stone’s throw away from Central Auckland and Ponsonby Road. It’s busy but relaxed at the same time, and there’s a sense of discovery in finding our spot which our customers love.” Read more

Laneway Specialty Coffee

Laneway Specialty Coffee

While Darwin isn’t as well known for its coffee as some major cities, Laneway Specialty Coffee Owner Lisa Heames says there is a growing coffee scene. However, it was not always that way. 

“When we opened Laneway there wasn’t a lot of cafés around Darwin, just a few franchises. People would travel interstate to Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, have great coffee, then think ‘why can’t we have this at home?’” Lisa says. 

“The community was hanging out for specialty coffee, so we were embraced from the start. The coffee culture has grown since then, but we’ve kept a solid group of regulars who we still see every day.”  Read more

The Hungry Fox Café

The Hungry Fox Café

The Melbourne suburb of Essendon is known for its proud football club, Melbourne’s first international airport, and one of the most talked about supermarkets in town, LaManna. 

Just as conversations in Melbourne celebrate coffee, when it comes to groceries, LaManna is top of mind as a “destination” for its quality food, custom cakes, and the “deliberate chaos” it creates on the weekend.  Read more

Yoga Place Blacksmiths

The Yoga Place Blacksmiths

While travelling overseas, Brooke Simpson and her husband Ben were inspired by feloow travellers to open a plant-based café adjacent to their yoga studio.  

After developing their yoga studio – with classes running seven days a week – two-and-a-half years ago in Newcastle, New South Wales, Brooke says she never thought she would be opening a café so soon.  

“We had all this space next to our studio and the people we met travelling really helped us set up and gave us all this advice,” Brooke says. “We’d talked about opening a café, but we always wanted to do it when our children were a bit older. However, it seemed like the right time to get the ball rolling.”  

At the time of print, the Yoga Place Blacksmiths had been open for several weeks and Brooke says the response has been overwhelming. 

“Everything has been really positive especially around the coffee. We use coffee from Syndicate Coffee from Melbourne. As a NSW business, people would expect us to use coffee from local suppliers, so this really sets us apart,” Brooke says. “It’s been a real crowd pleaser to use coffee from Melbourne as the city is known for its coffee and culture.” 

The Yoga Place uses Syndicate Coffee’s King Pin sustainable espresso blend, which it serves on a three-group La Marzocco machine.

Brooke says part of the appeal of Syndicate Coffee is down to its approach to sustainability. 

“Coffee and food come with a lot of packaging and we want to have a low environmental impact. Through Syndicate Coffee, everything is compostable,” Brooke says. 

She adds that one of her goals in opening the café was to share her passion for plant-based foods, which is reflected on the menu, including an open vegetarian burger, smoothie bowls, and nacho bowls.

“Serving plant-based food is quite unusual for our area, but we wanted to create a place where, after class, visitors can enjoy some really wholesome food that’s good for you,” Brooke says. 

“We’re seeing a lot of families just come to have lunch as opposed to visitors who have just finished a class. You’ll be surprised to see how many people just want to visit and see an open garden and drink coffee.

“It gets quite emotional looking out into the garden and seeing people eating good wholesome food that’s good for their bodies. It’s really amazing.” 

The Yoga Place Blacksmiths
6 Mitt Street, Blacksmiths, New South Wales, 2281
Open Tuesday to Saturday 8am to 2pm
0405 279 133

Sazón Espresso

Sazón Espresso

In 2011, Oswaldo and Jose Estrella channelled their Mexican heritage and more than 20 years of hospitality experience into their first café, Sazón Espresso, in Mount Barker. In 2015, the cousins added a second venue in the Adelaide CBD to their portfolio.

“We felt there were a lot of places that really had similar concepts and that we could do something different,” Oswaldo says. Read more

Barbosa Fine Foods

Barbosa Fine Foods

While Barbosa is a name many film fans will associate with The Pirates of the Caribbean, thanks to Barbosa Fine Food Deli, the population of Robina in Queensland instead connects the name to good coffee and high-end organic products.

Located in the food precinct of the Robina Town Centre, Barbosa Fine Foods provides fresh local produce, as well as imported cheeses, meats, and other items you’d expect to find at an Italian deli. Read more

Volt Espresso

Volt Espresso

Five years ago, Volt Espresso opened a hole-in-the-wall shop in Newmarket, Auckland to showcase its coffee and imported equipment. Now, the boutique roaster has branched out with a second espresso bar in the Auckland CBD.

“When we started off, no-one else in the area was doing anything both good and fast, so we were able to captivate that office worker market,” Owner Peter Grant says. Read more

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