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Common Ground Coffee Kitchen

Common Ground Coffee & Kitchen

Over the past five years, Common Ground Coffee & Kitchen has provided the residents of Hurstville in New South Wales the kind of artisanal café experience you’d expect in the ‘coffee capitals’. Read more

Three Flamingos Espresso

Three Flamingos Espresso

Moving to Albion Park from Sydney in 2016, Brad Pettitt quickly noticed a lack of good options for specialty coffee in the area. It was a gap in the market he was keen to fill. Read more

rusty rabbit

The Rusty Rabbit

Thanks to a strong following and online presence, The Rusty Rabbit in Darlinghurst has fared better than many other businesses during COVID-19. Read more

waves avoca beach

Waves Avoca Beach

Waves café in Avoca Beach has not only kept afloat but thrived during lockdown.
Co-owners Jay Gilchrist and Kimberly Bridgefoot attribute this to an ability to adapt, as well as support from the local community.

“We’ve stayed on top of offering great and consistent coffee and food, and changed the menu to better suit a takeaway theme, with less of a sit-down focus,” Jay says. Read more

infusion on clarence

Infusion on Clarence

Clarence Street in the heart of Sydney’s CBD is a bustling hub of activity, full of offices, businesses, and hotels. With so much activity in the area, the massive volume of foot traffic has paved the way for one of the city’s most competitive café battlegrounds to emerge. Read more

zubi bar

Zubi Bar

Around 500 metres from the sweeping sands of Newport Beach in northern Sydney, Zubi Bar is connecting the community through good vibes and specialty coffee.

“We really embrace the community. People treat Zubi like a meeting place. We sponsor Newport’s local rugby club, lifesaving club, and the local school. There’s the feeling that if you come down, you’re guaranteed to run into someone you know,” says Steve Hulley, Owner of Zubi Bar. Read more



After 20 years of experience in hospitality, Zach Hiotis had a vision to bring something fresh to the Sydney CBD. In early 2017, Regiment was born, and on the verge of its third anniversary, Zach says the café is continuing to go from strength to strength.

“Regiment is a collective progression of everything I’ve done over the years. I really wanted to bring a higher end offering to the CBD market,” Zach says.  Read more

Jack Co

Jack & Co

When people think of petrol stations, high-quality food and coffee aren’t usually the first things that come to mind. Wade Death is looking to change that with his New South Wales convenience store chain Jack & Co.

“I felt that there was a significant gap in the convenience market for a high-end food offer,” Wade says. “We actually sell a lot of the same products as the rest of the industry. Ours is made fresh and a significant step up in quality.” Read more

Yoga Place Blacksmiths

The Yoga Place Blacksmiths

While travelling overseas, Brooke Simpson and her husband Ben were inspired by feloow travellers to open a plant-based café adjacent to their yoga studio.  

After developing their yoga studio – with classes running seven days a week – two-and-a-half years ago in Newcastle, New South Wales, Brooke says she never thought she would be opening a café so soon.  

“We had all this space next to our studio and the people we met travelling really helped us set up and gave us all this advice,” Brooke says. “We’d talked about opening a café, but we always wanted to do it when our children were a bit older. However, it seemed like the right time to get the ball rolling.”  

At the time of print, the Yoga Place Blacksmiths had been open for several weeks and Brooke says the response has been overwhelming. 

“Everything has been really positive especially around the coffee. We use coffee from Syndicate Coffee from Melbourne. As a NSW business, people would expect us to use coffee from local suppliers, so this really sets us apart,” Brooke says. “It’s been a real crowd pleaser to use coffee from Melbourne as the city is known for its coffee and culture.” 

The Yoga Place uses Syndicate Coffee’s King Pin sustainable espresso blend, which it serves on a three-group La Marzocco machine.

Brooke says part of the appeal of Syndicate Coffee is down to its approach to sustainability. 

“Coffee and food come with a lot of packaging and we want to have a low environmental impact. Through Syndicate Coffee, everything is compostable,” Brooke says. 

She adds that one of her goals in opening the café was to share her passion for plant-based foods, which is reflected on the menu, including an open vegetarian burger, smoothie bowls, and nacho bowls.

“Serving plant-based food is quite unusual for our area, but we wanted to create a place where, after class, visitors can enjoy some really wholesome food that’s good for you,” Brooke says. 

“We’re seeing a lot of families just come to have lunch as opposed to visitors who have just finished a class. You’ll be surprised to see how many people just want to visit and see an open garden and drink coffee.

“It gets quite emotional looking out into the garden and seeing people eating good wholesome food that’s good for their bodies. It’s really amazing.” 

The Yoga Place Blacksmiths
6 Mitt Street, Blacksmiths, New South Wales, 2281
Open Tuesday to Saturday 8am to 2pm
0405 279 133

Batch Espresso

Batch Espresso

With two successful venues in the Sydney CBD and more than 15 years’ experience under his belt, Batch Espresso Owner David Smith and wife Nok wanted to try something new when they opened their third location.

“We’ve got much more of a specialty coffee focus at the new Clarence Street café, with a lot of varietals and single origins on the menu,” David says. “Our York Street venue has a nice 20-seat dining area and full kitchen, and Pitt Street – my first location – is by a train station and busy five-way intersection, so it serves a lot of takeaway coffees. Read more

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