2020 costa rica cup of excellence

Tarrazú region performs hat trick at 2020 Costa Rica Cup of Excellence

Héctor Bonilla of Don Mayo La Loma in the Tarrazú region placed first in the 2020 Costa Rica Cup of Excellence (COE) with a honey process Geisha variety that scored 90.27 points.

With his son Josue Bonilla Solis, this was Hector’s second time winning first place, having last accomplished this a decade ago in 2009. Read more

Coffee prices fall

Coffee prices fall for third month straight

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) composite indicator fell by 5.2 per cent to an average of 99.05 US cents per pound in June 2020, the third consecutive month of decrease.

This is the first time since October 2019 that the ICO composite indicator has fallen below 100 US cents per pound. The daily price of the ICO composite indicator spent more than half of the month below that benchmark, ranging between a low of 96.79 US cents per pound on 25 June and 101.27 US cents per pound on 8 June. Read more

Ona Coffee releases cocktail-inspired Winter Warmer coffee blends

Ona Coffee has announced its latest special release of coffee blends, the Winter Warmer series.

The three blends have each been roasted for a different style of preparation, and aim to recreate the flavour profile of a famous cocktail or alcoholic drink. The series includes the Hot Toddy blend for espresso, Irish Coffee blend for milk-based coffees, and the Mulled Wine blend for filter coffee. Read more

banks defer loan repayments

ATO releases tax time toolkit to help small businesses

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has released a tax time toolkit designed to help small businesses and their tax advisers.

The toolkit packages up a series of easy-to-understand fact sheets on topics that small businesses need to know this tax time, especially given the tax implications of COVID-19. Read more

Harris Coffee café recovery project

Harris Coffee launches million-dollar café recovery project

Harris Coffee has launched the Harris Café Recovery Project, a new scheme to assist coffee shops in rebuilding as they return to serving their local communities.

Café owners around Australia are invited to apply for the Harris Café Recovery Project, with up to 25 café owners eligible to receive a share of the $1 million worth of support. Read more

Prime Creative Media surveys business leaders across 15 industries on effects of COVID restrictions and prospects for recovery 

From 28 May to 5 June 2020, Prime Creative Media surveyed more than 2200 business leaders across 15 industries, to capture sentiment as the country began to lift COVID-19 restrictions.

The results paint a relatively positive picture of an industrial landscape experiencing its first recession in almost three decades. Just two-thirds of respondents reported a downturn in business, with almost 10% noting an increase in business. Almost half of all businesses said that they were still looking to invest, a strong sign about the future of Australian industrial sectors. Respondents were also generally supportive of the Federal Government’s response, with three quarters saying it was either strong or acceptable.

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