Cup of Excellence winners announced for Costa Rica, Guatemala and Honduras

Francisco Alejandro Mena Vilchez from Monte Llano Bonito farm in Naranjo, Cirri, Lourdes has set a new record for Costa Rica.

With a score of 93.41, Francisco’s Lote La Ladera farm received the highest score ever presented for a COE Costa Rican coffee.

Every international cupper in the May event scored this winning coffee with more than 90 points. Read more

Almond Breeze launches Breezey Grand Masters competition

Almond Breeze is launching a nationwide latte art competition to find the 2016 Breezey Grand Master.

The first of eight rounds of competition will take place in Darwin in June, and will progress around the nation ahead of a Grand Final in Sydney in October. Baristas will be asked to pour their most creative design using the Almond Breeze Barista Blend. Read more

Swinburne University of Technology to turn coffee grounds into roads

Swinburne University of Technology engineers are experimenting with the potential to turn used coffee grounds into a building material for road construction.

Swinburne University Professor Arul Arulrajah and PhD candidate Teck-Ang Kua have found a way to incorporate ground coffee in road infrastructure by compressing a mixture of coffee grounds and slag (a metal byproduct) with a liquid alkaline solution to create a product as strong as those made using cement. Read more

Service Sphere to host water talk

Service Sphere will host a ‘What’s in the waters’ event on 15 June.

From 8.30am to 10.30am attendees will learn about Australia’s water conditions, water filtration and its relevance in the coffee industry, basic water chemistry, types of water filtrations related to the coffee industry, learn about common misconceptions about water quality, and discover how to test water for Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), pH, and carbonate hardness. Read more

Call for ASCA judges

The Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) Southern Region Barista Guild is in search of judges to participate in the 2016 Victorian Regional Barista Competition Geelong from 16 – 17 July.

The event will be held in Geelong, Victoria, in association with The Harwood Andrews Golden Plate Awards. Read more

FNC launches new system for direct export of small quantities of Colombian coffee

The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) has launched a new system enabling the export of their coffee in small quantities via international shipping and express courier companies.

In an effort to promote direct coffee sales and increase the income of producers, the FNC has developed a system whereby registered exporters can now export up to 60 kilograms of green Colombian coffee, 50.4 kilograms of roasted coffee, 23 kilograms of instant coffee, or 23 kilograms of coffee extract all using an online portal. Read more

World Animal Protection calls for ban on caged civet coffee cats

Demand for the world’s most expensive coffee is on the rise, and is leading to increased cases of animal cruelty, World Animal Protection says.

Civet coffee or Kopi Luwak as it is known in Indonesia, is produced across the island of Bali by civet cats. According to World Animal Protection, the cats are poached from the wild and kept in cramped barren cages to produce gourmet coffee for visiting tourists. Read more

Low Brazil crop to drive Robusta deficit in 2016/17: Rabobank

The global coffee supply/demand balance will see a deficit in Robusta and a surplus in Arabica for the 2016/17 crop year, according to Rabobank’s first quarter Commodity Market Report for the coffee industry.

Overall, Dutch bank Rabobank is forecasting a small global deficit of 0.7 million bags for the coming crop year. This is a reduction on the bank’s previous forecast of a 3.7-million bag surplus, and comes on the back of lower-than-expected yields out of Brazil. Read more

Third series of Barista & Farmer commences 3 May

The time has come for barista Rosey Hill of D’Angelo Coffee in Adelaide to represent Australia in the third series of the Barista & Farmer talent show in Brazil.

For 10 days, Rosey will join nine other international baristas from 3 – 13 May and live the life of a coffee producer at O’Coffee company, located in Pedregulho, in the Alta Mogiana region in Lambari, Minas Gerais. Read more

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