Probat to launch subsidiary at World of Coffee

Probat subsidiary Kirsch + Mausser will make its trade show debut at World of Coffee in Berlin, Germany from 6 to 8 June.

Kirsch + Mausser is a German-based roasting machine manufacturer that places emphasis on “retro” designed equipment to meet the ever-growing demand for individual roasting solutions. Read more

Fairtrade coffee prices

Fairtrade calls for higher coffee prices as farmers struggle to stay afloat

Fairtrade International is calling for the coffee industry to pay a fairer price to coffee farmers, estimating that today’s global market price of around US$1 (about $1.43) per pound is only half of what is needed for farmers to earn a living income.

According to Fairtrade’s Peter Kettler, speaking at the International Coffee Congress on Sustainability in Berlin, Germany on 5 June, coffee farmers are being forced to sell their crops below the cost of production, effectively subsidising the profits of a booming global coffee market. He says on top of climate change, market speculation, and other challenges, the low price of coffee is condemning farmers to poverty or forcing them to abandon coffee altogether. Read more

Breezey Masters Melbourne

Victor Vu of Cocobei wins 2019 Breezey Masters Melbourne

Victor Vu of Cocobei Docklands has won the 2019 Melbourne Breezey Masters, held at Locale Espresso in Abbotsford on 4 June.

Jodie Chan of Baba Sus placed second, Kien Leoo of Cocobei placed third, and Junnie Huang of Chicken or the Egg placed fourth in the Almond Breeze latte art competition. Read more

Costa RIca Cup of Excellence

Tarrazú region dominates 2019 Costa Rica Cup of Excellence

Don Dario of the Tarrazú region has won the 2019 Costa Rica Cup of Excellence (COE), with a score of 91.14 for its anaerobic processed Gesha. Tarrazú farms took out the top four spots in the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) competition, as well as seventh, ninth, and 10th.

Don Dario’s owner, Grupo Los Grandes de Copey, is a joint venture between producers Johel Monge Naranjo and Manuel Salas Araya, which also won the 2017 COE with its farm Don Antonio.

Last year’s winner, Luis Ricardo Calderon Madrigal of Don Cayito farm, placed second with an anaerobic processed Gesha that scored 91.02. Don Antonio placed third, with a score of 90.88 for its washed Gesha. Read more

California coffee cancer warnings

California rules on Prop 65 coffee cancer warnings

The State of California has ruled to exempt coffee from Proposition 65 cancer warnings.

Under Proposition 65, California law requires that products contain cancer warnings if they will expose consumers to chemicals that California health authorities have identified as causing cancer.

Roasted coffee contains small amounts of the chemical acrylamide, leading Californian Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle to rule it must carry a cancer warning in May 2018. Read more

Takumi Sakamoto Deluca Coffee

Takumi Sakamoto of Deluca Coffee wins 2019 Australian Coffee Roasting Championship

Takumi Sakamoto of Deluca Coffee has won the Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) 2019 Australian Coffee Roasting Championship, held at Criteria Coffee in Port Melbourne, Victoria from 29 to 31 May.

Pat Connolly of Genovese Coffee placed second and Daniel Shadbolt of Veneziano Coffee Roasters placed third in the competition.

“I’ve been roasting for six or seven years and never entered any competitions. I kind of wanted to prove something, that I can do good. I just can’t believe I won,” Takumi tells BeanScene. Read more

Colombia Fairtrade coffee price crisis

Fairtrade and Colombian President meet to tackle coffee price crisis

The leaders of Colombia and Fairtrade met on 30 May to discuss ways out of the global coffee price crisis, which is driving millions of coffee farmers further into poverty.

Fairtrade says prices for Arabica, which makes up around 60 per cent of global coffee production, have fallen to the point where many growers are selling at a loss. Read more

Ona Coffee

Berlin World Coffee Championships announces round one schedule

The 2019 World Coffee Championships will kick off this week at World of Coffee in Berlin, Germany.

The event will host the 2019 World Latte Art, Coffee In Good Spirits (WCIGS), Cup Tasters (WCTC), and Cezve/Ibrik Championships from 6 to 8 June.

Jibbii Little of Jibbijug, Danny Wilson of Ona Coffee, and MJ Kim of Shamble Coffee brewers will represent Australia in the first three championships, respectively. Read more

Sydney plastic waste

Sydney businesses take the no plastics pledge

More than 30 New South Wales-based organisations have joined forces with the City of Sydney and pledged to dramatically reduce single-use plastics across their businesses.

Industry leaders from the hospitality, accommodation, events, and property sectors signed the Sydney Single-use Pledge with Lord Mayor Clover Moore. Read more

Cirrus Fine COffee

Cirrus Fine Coffee celebrates pop-up farm milestone

On 24 May, Cirrus Fine Coffee celebrated a milestone achievement of its two-car-space pop-up farm, which has produced enough food in six months to feed two adults for a whole year.

Cirrus Fine Coffee partnered with sister company Biofilta to set up the pop-up farm at its Port Melbourne roastery in November 2018. The roaster says the pop-up farm reimagines how the coffee industry and cities can use waste and space. Read more

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