Toby’s Estate single serve coffee bags

Toby’s Estate releases single serve specialty coffee bags

Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters has announced the release of a line of single-serve specialty coffee bags, providing people an easy and instant way to brew coffee.

“The goal of this product is to give people access to delicious single serve coffee that is super easy to make, without a need for any equipment so it can be made at any time in any place. All they need is a cup and hot water. We really see this product as valuable for people who like to travel or go on adventures,” says Gillian O’Brien, Marketing Manager of Toby’s Estate. Read more

Califia Farms valentines

Califia Farms recommends giving a healthier heart this Valentine’s Day

To Califia Farms, Valentine’s Day is all about secret admirers, spending time with loved ones, and indulging in sweet treats. The dairy alternative producer and cold brew maker says if people are keen to show someone they love them, they might want to consider a healthier alternative this year.

Califia Farms says numerous studies have proven that people who eat plant-based diets tend to have lower cholesterol and blood pressure, a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and other illness, plus an overall higher life expectancy. Read more

La Scuola Del Caffé

Simonelli, Ditta Artigianale to open La Scuola Del Caffé coffee school in Italy

Italian roaster Ditta Artigianale and manufacturer Simonelli Group have partnered to launch La Scuola Del Caffé, a training school with the goal of expanding specialty coffee in Italy.

Simonelli calls the school an educational hub and place where people can unite and interpolate themselves in the specialty coffee industry, expanding their knowledge and the culture of Italian quality coffee. Read more

eagle one james hoffmann australia

Eagle One lands in Australia with James Hoffmann

Victoria Arduino and Espresso Mechanics have officially launched the Eagle One espresso machine in Australia, with an event at Au79 café in Melbourne on 11 February.

Former World Barista Champion James Hoffmann, a key figure in the development of the Eagle One, attended the event and discussed the idea behind the new machine. Read more

moonlight coffee trees

How moonlight affects the health of coffee trees

A French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD) study has shown that despite its very low intensity, moonlight affects coffee trees on a molecular level, and disrupts their circadian clock.

CIRAD says it would therefore be in the interests of the horticultural and market garden sectors to control the effect on crops of this type of light. The results of the study have just been published in the journal BMC Plant Biology. Read more

coffee prices

Coffee prices fall again in January after two-month rise

According to the International Coffee Organization (ICO) January 2020 Coffee Market Report, coffee prices fell again in January following a two-month rise.

The ICO composite indicator reversed its gains from December 2019, averaging 106.89 US cents per pound. The daily price of the ICO composite ranged between 99.78 US cents per pound on 29 January and 115.18 US cents per pound on 2 January. Read more

Industry Beans Newstead

Industry Beans Newstead to host latte art smackdown

On 13 February, Industry Beans Newstead will host its first Community Latte Art Smackdown in Queensland with partners La Marzocco and Oatly.

“We’re only one month into 2020 but the big themes of the year are already coming across loud and clear – sustainability and community,” Industry Beans CEO Trevor Simmons says. Read more

cold brew research

Coffee Science Foundation begins research into cold brew

The Coffee Science Foundation (CSF) has announced that it will begin a new research project, “Towards a Deeper Understanding of Cold Brew Coffee”.

The project will define the parameters of the cold brewing method, including chemical and sensory analysis. Read more

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