Victoria Arduino’s Champions’ Hub to take place 8 to 9 May

The first edition of Victoria Arduino’s Champions’ Hub will take place in Italy at the Simonelli Group factory from 8 to 9 May. 

The Champions’ Hub will consists of a two-day full immersion training focused on the next World Barista Championship (WBC). During that time, barista competitor can learn, practice, judge and work side-by-side with the researchers of its Coffee Science Hub to analysis elements of their performance. Competitors can use the scientific equipment in the Victoria Arduino Coffee Science Lab to help push their performance to the highest level. Read more

Take part in the World Fairtrade Challenge

The World Fairtrade Challenge will take place from 11 to 13 May.

The challenge is a global event to raise awareness of Fairtrade and ensure the people who grow the products we love to buy and sell, can receive fair wages. Read more

El Salvador coffees impress Cup of Excellence judges

The Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) commenced its 15th edition of the Cup of Excellence (COE) in San Salvador, El Salvador on 9 April.

First time competitor Margarita Lucia Diaz De Lopez represents the Lopez family and ranked first-place with 91.8-point coffee from Finca El Manzano (La Cumbre), and also second-place with 91.6-point coffee from Finca El Manzano. Read more

Lavazza opens new headquarters in Turin 

On 12 April, Lavazza launched a new 30,000-square-metre headquarters in Turin, Italy.

The new venue, titled Nuvola Lavazza, is designed for the wellbeing of employees and respect for the environment. Read more

Almond Breeze Barista Blend reveals its dark side

Almond Breeze Barista Blend has revealed its sleek new packaging design will be the “dark blue sleeker”.

The decision was made after more than 3000 Australian baristas, coffee drinkers, roasters, café owners and coffee connoisseurs were asked which packaging design they liked best and made their input. Read more