australian tea

Australian tea: One of a kind

Bradley Cahill and Mafalda Moutinho of Casa De Cha on where Australian tea ranks in the rapidly growing global tea market.

The Australian tea industry has been evolving and gaining momentum with new growers winning awards nationally and abroad, year after year. Read more

coffee 4 change

ASCA partners with Coffee 4 Change

ASCA is committed to addressing human rights issues at home and in origin countries.

The goal of the Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) is to not only provide thought leadership to the wider coffee community, but to drive real action and positive change. Read more

nzsca 2019

NZSCA reflects on 2019

As another epic year begins, the NZSCA reflects on a successful 2019 and gets excited for what’s to come in 2020.

2019 was a big year for the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association.

It kicked off in February, with a full field of competitors in the Meadow Fresh New Zealand Barista Championship. The venue, Expressions in Upper Hutt, once again created a magical theatrical atmosphere. Introducing cool cash prizes for the Best Newcomer, Best Milk Beverage, and running People’s Choice invigorated and encouraged a diverse range of entries. 

The champion was Dove Chen, who also won in 2017. When asked about his journey, Dove said, “I learned the importance of finding a balanced taste in coffee, as well as the balance of training and resting to maximise productivity”.

Runner up was Heesun Christina Lee from Atomic Coffee Roasters. Ken Te from Society Coffee in Auckland came in third and took out the coveted Best Newcomer.  

Team NZ then represented us well in Boston at the World Barista Championship in April. In a competition where there can be only one champion, it is often more about the learning and journey than returning home with a trophy.

One big weekend in May saw the NZSCA crown new Cup Tasters and Latte Art Champions in maxed-out competitions. On 3 May, Ozone Coffee Roasters in Auckland hosted a full field of 32 coffee cuppers, all aiming to accurately and quickly slurp their way through to the final round.

The winner, Alan Bruce of Flight Coffee Roasters, was no stranger to competing as a veteran of Barista and Brewers, though a first time Cup Taster. When asked if he had any tips, he mentioned he kept his food bland in the lead up, including no pesto for lunch and his “secret weapon”, his favourite orange spit cup. 

Runner up was Anne-Lise Monard-Stott from Ripe Coffee Roasters in Petone, third place went to Ewan Kim of L’affare, and Takahito Koyanagi of Toasted Espresso in Auckland rounded out the finals.

On 5 May, La Marzocco was the perfect host of the Meadow Fresh Latte Art Championship. With interactive pouring competitions along with the skills of the milk wizards on stage, the art in the cup was next level.

Hoony Chae of Mojo Coffee was crowned champion, runner-up was Leo Li of Newbie Café, and third place went to John HoJun Sung of Grey Street Kitchen.

Hoony and Alan headed to Berlin in June. Alan’s fifth placing at the World Cup Tasters Championship was the icing on the cake, but their professionalism and eager attitudes off stage won the most praise.

The highlight of the year would be the Annual General Meeting, returning to Sherwood, Queenstown in May. There was reason to celebrate this year as the Lifetime Achievement award was handed out for only the third time. Ninety people from our eclectic industry celebrated as Chris Dillon from Coffee Supreme received the prestigious title.

In June, the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Guild created an ambitious program of 20 cupping events around the country. Armed with only a spoon, nearly 200 attendees put their tasting skills to the test by identifying origins. Held in cities from Auckland to Christchurch, this event was a highlight among others in the Guild.

Our education program continued to move forward, with Barista Level One taught in Auckland in October. Lined up for February 2020 is the almost sold out Instructor Level One training in Nelson. 

Wrapping up a successful year, the NZSCA hosted a Christmas party with a difference in December. The Coffee and Good Spirits Throwdown became the vehicle to introduce this exciting competition to NZ competitors. Around 150 people enjoyed a stellar night at Atomic Coffee Roasters. Watch out for this event to move to other centres.

A special thanks to the volunteers at all our events. Above all, thanks to our members, sponsors, and supporters who make our community diverse, engaged, and continuously evolving for the betterment of all in coffee.

We look forward to an even better 2020. 

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tilly sproule

Tilly Sproule’s triumph

From the producer who makes it to the customer who drinks it, the relationships behind coffee are why Tilly Sproule loves the industry.

Despite five consecutive wins at the Northern Region Barista Championship, Tilly Sproule says the growing Queensland coffee scene has kept her on her toes. Read more

The Coffee Entrepreneur

Freeing the coffee entrepreneur

Instaurator tells BeanScene what inspired him to write The Coffee Entrepreneur, a book that will guide the future innovators of the coffee industry.

For many people in the coffee industry, their passion was ignited by a great coffee tasting experience. In the case of Instaurator, Director of Espressology and author of The Coffee Entrepreneur, this occurred with an Ethiopian coffee when he was in his early 20s. Read more

veneziano training program

Veneziano’s competitive edge

To Veneziano, a training program is only as good as the people who teach it. That’s why the roaster is investing in its trainers to empower customers to create careers of significance in coffee.

In the world of competitive coffee championships, precision matters. Every seemingly minor variable can have a major influence on the flavour and presentation of a barista’s coffee, with the winner often separated by just fractions. Because of this, the competitive scene attracts those in the industry who are passionate, skilled, and committed. Read more


HostMilano 2019 wrap

BeanScene Editor Sarah Baker travelled to Italy to find out why HostMilano has a reputation for being the biggest and greatest global hospitality trade show. 

HostMilano 2019 is a beast of the expo world. The biennial event was the talk of the industry for the past few months, with chatter among businesses on what to expect, who was attending, and the necessity to take comfortable walking shoes. For many Australians, the 24-hour journey to Milan is a commitment. It’s time away from businesses, a different time zone and a foreign city devoted to risotto, fashion, and aperitivo. But as BeanScene discovered, a visit to HostMilano is an essential one for those wishing to do business, invest in products, and make new connections to take home. Read more


KeepCup on leading the change

KeepCup Co-founder and Managing Director Abigail Forsyth tells BeanScene why systemic change is required to truly address the problem of coffee cup waste and the takeaway mentality.

Though KeepCup celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019, it has only been in the last few years that consumers and the industry have caught up with its message of single-use waste reduction. Read more

Ona COffee training

Ona Coffee revamps its training program

Ona Coffee has revamped its training program, incorporating knowledge the roaster has gained from competitions, café service, and activities across the supply chain.

Coffee quality depends on every link in the supply chain. The producer needs the right growing conditions, the roaster must follow a specific profile, and the barista has to extract the right flavours. Read more

Grinders Coffee cupping

Grinders Coffee launches public cupping sessions

Grinders Coffee has begun holding public cupping sessions to educate consumers about what goes on behind the scenes to make great coffee.

From the farmer to the roaster, a lot of work goes into producing coffee to keep it consistent and at a good quality. To teach this to the public, Grinders Coffee has introduced a new series of public cupping sessions, the first of which took place at its Lygon Street café in Melbourne on 23 October, 2019. Read more

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