La Marzocco launches new branch in Germany

La Marzocco has announced the opening of a new branch office in Germany, La Marzocco Deutschland GmbH.

In light of a booming specialty coffee market in Germany, the territory has become strategic for La Marzocco to endorse its brand, raise coffee quality awareness, and help elevate the barista profession while setting trends and sharing industry innovations. Read more

Socratic Coffee on why particle size matters (Part V: signal-to-noise ratio)

At this point in our series, we’d like to introduce a framework we think is very useful when it comes to brewing and tasting coffee. You might have heard the term “signal-to-noise ratio” (often abbreviated to SNR). With a SNR framework, the world can be thought of as containing stimuli we are interested in (signals) mixed with stimuli we are not interested in (noise). SNR is the ratio of signal power to noise power. Read more

Umami Area opens Capucas Coffee Academy in Honduras

Italian association Umami Area has opened a school based on the modules of the SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) Coffee Diploma System in Honduras.

The Capucas Coffee Academy has its roots in a project that began two years ago to train local bartenders and employees of the Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas Limitada (COCAFCAL) cooperative. Read more

Maltra Foods celebrates 20 years

Maltra Foods, one of the largest powdered-food manufacturers in Australia, is celebrating its 20th year of manufacturing and service to the food and beverage industry.

Maltra Foods develops and manufactures high quality powdered and dry-blended products for hot beverages, iced blended beverages, sports nutrition and baking categories across both foodservice and retail. Read more