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ladies who roast

NZSCA celebrates the ladies who roast

Roasting is no longer a boy’s club, and the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association recognises the women paving the way.

Back in 2016, the hashtag #ShesTheRoaster was born, highlighting women in coffee who are setting examples for others trying to advance in the industry. More recently, a throw away comment of “there aren’t many female roasters in New Zealand” had us thinking: “How many ladies are out there roasting?” Read more

cocoa amazon

Cocoa to save the Amazon

The Amazon is under threat from illegal deforestation, but Minas Hill Cocoa has emerged to help the communities that live off the rainforest protect their natural resource. Read more

retail coffee

Retail coffee on the rise

Supermarkets are welcoming a new wave of specialty coffee and locally roasted beans. With retail sales spiking over the past months, BeanScene asks how these new buying habits will shape coffee drinkers and the wider industry for years to come. Read more

coffee industry survey

Coffee industry survey: A path to recovery

Following a survey conducted by BeanScene’s publisher, Prime Creative Media, we reveal the latest stats from businesses in the coffee industry as we battle through COVID-19 and move into a new normal. Read more

martin monin

Monin’s family values

Martin Monin is set to one day take the reins of the family syrup business, breaking new ground in Asia and ensuring the sustainability of Monin for years to come.

Martin Monin hadn’t always intended to join the family business. He began his professional career in the tech start-up arena, however, having a child of his own at a young age opened his eyes to the importance of continuing the legacy. Read more

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