izaga grinder

Izaga grinder

The Markibar Izaga grinder is designed for workflow and is purpose-built for speed and consistency. 

It combines excellence in practicality and functionality. Read more

Veneziano Cold Brew Straight Up

Veneziano has developed the ready-to-drink (RTD) Cold Brew Straight Up using its popular Estate blend. It is perfect as is or can be used as a base for a signature drink. Read more

Alternative Dairy Co Oat Milk

When Alternative Dairy Co launched its soy and almond range last year, it impressed baristas around the country with plant-based milks that had cracked the code on taste, texture, and performance. Read more

Milklab Lactose Free

Milklab Lactose Free

Milklab is an Australian collaboration between foodies, baristas, and farmers to develop milks that complement the intensity of espresso, and that texture and stretch with espresso coffee. Read more

keepcup thermal

KeepCup Thermal

Introducing KeepCup Thermal, the first barista-standard stainless-steel reusable cup. 

The cup features a new material design, with the same attention to detail that makes KeepCups the preferred reusable cup in cafés the world over. Read more


Milkit milk tap system

Milkit is an innovative milk tap system that has been developed specifically with cafés in mind. Using leading technology, Milkit delivers a fast and cost-effective solution for cafés to achieve milk dose consistency, maintain milk integrity, and improve barista workflow.  Read more

Esmeralda Especial

Best of Panama Esmeralda Especial Washed

Best of Panama is the world’s premier coffee competition in which the most celebrated producers of Panama submit their best coffees of the year. A panel of international judges spend a week in Boquete assessing Geisha and traditional varieties in Washed and Natural categories. Read more


Showing Appreci-ation

The Appreci app is the modern greeting card, creating a convenient and useful way to show gratitude for daily acts of kindness.

Expressions of gratitude are displayed for a variety of reasons: babysitting the kids, shouting Uber Eats for a friend, or thanking a staff member for putting in extra hours before a deadline.  Read more

The Artisan Roaster

The Artisan Roaster

The Artisan Roaster is here. With more than two decades of experience in the coffee industry, author David Rosa has written a comprehensive book that reveals all the secrets of the trade. A modern bible for every aspiring roaster, business owner, and coffee fanatic, The Artisan Roaster is packed with essential, practical advice, hilarious anecdotes, and fascinating facts on all things coffee. Read more

Slayer Espresso Steam EP

Slayer Espresso Steam EP

Slayer Espresso started out by questioning machine extraction methods. Now, it has considered how to improve high-volume turnover with quality output. Its answer is the Steam EP, a machine with excellent build quality and design at a reduced price point. Read more

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