Capsule Pack launches guilt-free capsules

The world’s coffee market is on the hunt for new and improved products that embrace sustainability and have a reduced environmental impact. 

Husband and wife team Mark and Alana Beattie have the same drive, and have found a way to make an environmental difference by launching biodegradable and compostable packaging.  Read more

MilkLab Macadamia 

Introducing Macadamia, the newest member of the MilkLab family. 

Macadamia is a delicious plant-based addition to the MilkLab line-up including Soy, Almond, Coconut, Lactose Free and Dairy. Read more

Good Earth Organic Kombucha 

Good Earth Organic Kombucha is a new range of organic, naturally low in sugar, lightly sparkling fermented tea drink. Kombucha is a fermented drink that is made from tea, sugar and Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY). During the fermentation process the sugar is mostly consumed by the SCOBY. Read more


Like businesses, not all banks are the same. Tyro is shaking up the business banking world with smart technology that could save time and money.

Tyro EFTPOS integrates with 240+ point-of-sale/practice management system providers. Read more


At the touch of a button, Übermilk delivers consistent micro foam milk at the ideal temperature.

This product streamlines barista workflow, reduces café training time, and decreases milk waste. It further allows baristas to concentrate on perfecting espresso shots and latte art, while allowing them to better engage with customers.

Barista Group exclusively distributes Übermilk in Australia and New Zealand. 

For more information, contact Barista Group on or visit

Cream Creator

The Cream Creator from Germany is an innovative milk foam generator for the barista.

At the press of a button, the Cream Creator delivers high-quality silky foamed milk directly into the milk pitcher. Read more

Robur S 

Robur S is Mazzer’s new coffee grinder designed for high volume coffee shops.

Available in doser and electronic on-demand models, the Robur S integrates technological advances, which improves dose consistency and reduces coffee retention by 52 per cent. It has an excellent grinding speed (average for espresso is five grams per second) with low revolutions per minute (420 rpm to 50 hertz).

The Robur S features an in-built memory board to keep track of coffee statistics, and lets the user program different time settings for single, double, and triple doses. The special cooling system with double fan keeps coffee safe from temperature exposure, preserving maximum aroma. Robur S Electronic is cloud compatible.

For more information, visit 

Barista Mats

Barista Mats are a simple and effective way to reduce standing worker fatigue.

Co-creators Lachlan Mckenzie and Nick Rio launched Barista Mats at the 2017 Melbourne International Coffee Expo. Read more

Brewista Ratio Scale

The Brewista Ratio Scale is the perfect tool for baristas and coffee-lovers who want to perfect their pour over.

Unlike other high-tech scales on the market, the Ratio Scale is a simplified and more affordable alternative that automatically calculates the water-to-coffee ratio needed to produce your favourite pour over recipe.   Read more

The Nutramilk

For health conscious individuals or dairy-free consumers with allergies, the variety of choices is broader than ever before: soy milk, coconut milk, rice milk, the list goes on.

But what about nut milk? Products currently available on the market tend to lie low on the emphasis of “nut” milk with less than 3 per cent nuts actually represented in some lists of ingredients. This tends to dilute the flavour profile, along with the added sweeteners, emulsifiers, colours, and flavours, which are neither necessary or beneficial to your health. But the nut milk game is about to change. Read more

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