Slayer Steam

The Slayer Steam made its debut at the World of Coffee event and won the Best New Product of the Show Award in the Professional Espresso Machine category. Read more

Mazzer Robur Grinders

Espresso Mechanics imports and distributes Mazzer, the household name of grinders throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Mazzer Robur Grinders are available in automatic dosing or electronic fresh-on-demand grinding. They come with 77-millimetre conical blades, which have a blade lifespan of 880 kilograms. Read more

Danes Cold Brew

Danes Specialty Coffee has launched a line of cold brew coffees. Brewed in small batches at Danes’ Brookvale facility, Danes Specialty Coffee Cold Brew is made with a different single origin each day. It contains only natural ingredients – fresh specialty coffee and filtered water. It is available in 170-millilitre bottles, and lasts up to six weeks in the refrigerator. Read more

Five Senses Subscriptions

With a wide range of blends and seasonal single origins, the Five Senses Coffee subscriptions are a great way to explore the unique flavours and stories of specialty coffee. Read more

Slayer launches new steam machine

Slayer Espresso went to Dublin’s World of Coffee event to launch its new Slayer Steam, and left the expo with the Best New Product of the Show Award in the Professional Espresso Machine category. Read more

Arkadia Artisan Range

Arkadia has created a new benchmark in taste with its new artisan range.

Arkadia Chai Sticky Blend is handcrafted and all natural. Read more

LaCimbali M100

The LaCimbali M100 represents LaCimbali’s mission to design and manufacture machines with a high technological content, improving the simplicity of using a traditional machine.

The M100 is fitted with market-leading ergonomic innovations including a 4.3-inch TFT Touch Screen User Interface on each head displaying shot timers, flush keys, temperature, and pressure reading. Read more

Pauls Zymil

Pauls Zymil is a great-tasting lactose-free milk.

It is easy to digest, meaning it’s gentler on the stomach and less likely to leave your customers feeling uncomfortable. Read more


Introducing PuqPress, the world’s first automatic coffee tamper. Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, PuqPress compresses ground coffee with perfect pressure and a level tamp every time.

The PuqPress revolutionises manual tamping to ensure coffee is always pressed with precisely the right amount of pressure, so no matter which barista makes a coffee, tamping or dropped shots will be issues of the past. Read more

St David Dairy

St David Dairy is recognised in supplying the inner-Melbourne café trade with the highest quality milk and milk products each day.

Fresh farm milk is selected daily in small batches specifically based on stretch, flavour and freshness, and is processed and packed in a Fitzroy micro dairy. Read more

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