Nutella changes tub colour to avoid stock shortages

Nutella has transformed it iconic 3-kilogram buckets from brown to white to ensure foodservice professionals can better manage usage and reorder in time to prevent stock shortages.

The packaging change comes in response to new research that has uncovered the challenges experienced by chefs and café owners. Read more

Chai Spice calling

Authentic chai has been part of Indian culture for centuries, but it’s also been a part of Matt Pohle’s lifestyle for more than 12 years. Read more

The Astoria Greta

This small and versatile coffee machine is suitable for both domestic and commercial use. It’s small size and ease of use makes the Greta the perfect coffee machine for offices and low coffee volume locations. Read more


Devondale Fresh Milk is produced with love and attention because the farmers who make the milk also run the company.  Read more

VA388 Black Eagle gold and copper edition

Victoria Arduino’s Black Eagle is going gold, and it’s not just in anticipation of the Rio Olympics.

At the June World Barista Championship in Dublin, Ireland, Victoria Arduino introduced three new coloured VA388 Black Eagle machines for the world’s best baristas to use during their competition routines – red coral, periwinkle blue and turquoise. Read more

Dairy Farmers milk

Quality milk makes quality coffee.

Dairy Farmers has been providing quality milk since 1900, so it’s no wonder it is Australia’s most trusted milk brand. Read more

So Good regular soy milk

Made from high quality soy protein, So Good’s regular creamy soymilk delivers a clean taste with the optimum balance between soy and coffee flavours. Read more

Chai Spice

Formed less than a year ago, MAM Beverages (named after Company Directors Matti, Abdul and Maroun) has fast become the go-to product for people looking for the best chai and hot chocolate solution for their café or coffee business. An old-school hippy chai maker and two savvy Melbourne café owners head the team at MAM Beverages. Read more