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mocopan coffee

Mocopan Coffee

Mocopan Coffee is passionate about its product reaching as many people as possible, especially with so many people continuing to work from home. That’s why Mocopan’s freshly roasted blends are now available via Amazon and on the Mocopan online retail store. Read more

Toby’s Estate new packaging

Toby’s Estate new packaging

Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters have shaken things up with a bright new look packaging. Over the years, the roaster has proven itself as a dynamic, robust, and strong brand, exploring new avenues and uncovering exciting coffees sourced from around the world. Read more

Urban Barista

Urban Barista crafted artisanal blends

Maltra Foods has added five crafted artisanal blends to its gluten-free and vegan-friendly Urban Barista range of specialty syrups and powdered drinks. The new drinking chocolate powder is developed using 40 per cent West African cocoa, creating a rich and luxurious blend. Read more

milklab macadamia

Milklab Macadamia

Milklab Macadamia is a premium plant-based milk for coffee, made in Australia using 100 per cent Australian macadamias. Read more

Fiorenzato F83E XGi grinder

Fiorenzato F83E XGi grinder

The Fiorenzato F83E XGi grind-by-weight grinder features patented technology that dispenses coffee calculated in grams instead of seconds. Guaranteeing precision dose and avoiding waste, an algorithm constantly monitors each shot to ensure accuracy and consistency. Read more

milklab lactose free

Milklab Lactose Free

For many Australians, regular dairy milk is off the table due to lactose intolerance, however, there are many great alternatives.

Milklab is an Australian collaboration between foodies, baristas, and farmers to develop milks that taste fantastic and texture and stretch with any coffee type. Read more

Mahlkönig E80 Supreme

Mahlkönig E80 Supreme

Coffee shops and individual baristas need high-quality, reproducible, and accurate grinding results. Mahlkönig’s E80 Supreme is one of the fastest and most advanced premium espresso grinders of its class on the market. Read more

eagle one

Eagle One

The Eagle One is the latest espresso machine from Victoria Arduino.

It achieves new levels of energy optimisation with its new NEO (New Engine Optimisation) engine, which guarantees high performance while reducing the energy consumption of the machine. Read more

Coffee Entrepreneur

The Coffee Entrepreneur

At age 22, Instaurator stumbled into coffee roasting after working in a dead-end job in a warehouse and failing to gain entry into university.

At age 27, he was appointed CEO of a business and fulfilled his dream of travelling to various countries in Asia, the Americas, and Europe as a self-employed coffee entrepreneur. Read more

wega airy

Wega Airy

The Wega Airy is a coffee machine capable of adapting itself to every environment and any style.

Versatile and practical, the Airy’s uniqueness comes from the interchangeable coloured side panels, which allow it to blend into to any space and design. Read more

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