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alternative dairy co barista milks

The Alternative Dairy Co Barista Milks

The Alternative Dairy Co Barista Milks are made locally, prioritising Australian grown ingredients for perfect performance and taste in espresso-based coffees.

The team worked closely with baristas, café owners, and non-dairy milk consumers to create this popular range of plant-based milks that are quickly becoming a barista’s best friend. Read more

Bonsoy Almond Milk

Bonsoy Almond Milk

Pair your beans with our nuts.

Baristas – we’re not being crude, we’re being healthy. At Bonsoy, that’s very important. Our all-natural almond milk uses roasted almond paste. (Hint: it’s the good stuff, that’s really good for you.) Read more

Liberty Kombucha Sips Sparkling

Liberty Kombucha and Sips Sparkling

Riverina Fresh is renowned for an award-winning range of milks and dairy products specifically tailored for café applications. It has now partnered with Melbourne-based Cool Cool Beverage Co to bring the next generation range of independent, premium craft drinks served in iconic designed 330-millilitre cans. Read more

keepcup thermal

KeepCup Thermal

Introducing KeepCup Thermal, the first barista-standard reusable cup, now available in stainless-steel. Read more

IMF 60-kilogram Roaster

IMF 60-kilogram Roaster

IMF and its Australian agent Will Notaras from Roastquip will exhibit an IMF 60-kilogram roaster at the 2020 Melbourne International Coffee Expo. Read more

LaCimbali M23UP

LaCimbali M23UP

The LaCimbali M23UP – the latest release by LaCimbali – has just hit Australian shores, and is set to be in high demand throughout 2020. Read more

Wega Nova

Coffee Works Express introduces the Wega Nova

Espresso machine manufacturer Wega is preparing to launch its newest and most exciting product into the Australian market, the Wega Nova.

For most companies, the best place to showcase new products and innovations is at trade shows, as the events naturally attract industry decision-makers and generate widescale media coverage. Read more

club house coffee cup

Club House shares the secret to a good coffee cup

Carlo Barbi, CEO of Club House, explains how adopting a flexible approach to manufacturing has elevated the family business to new heights, and why porcelain cups enhance a coffee’s flavour.

When it comes to flavour attributes of coffee, variety, terroir, roast profile, blending, and brewing technique are some of the common influences. However, the vessel that the coffee is served in is often an afterthought. Read more

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