One versatile little cup. Perfect on the go, at home and at all of life’s rest stops in between.

Stojo, the reusable, collapsible cup, allows you to enjoy hot or cold beverages anywhere, at any time. Once you finish your pick me-up drink, simply collapse the cup and store in your pocket, purse, backpack, or briefcase. Sip, stow, and go.

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Arkadia Premium Syrups

Arkadia Premium Syrups

Arkadia is proud to present its new Premium Syrups range. 

Arkadia has been delivering café indulgence to the industry for more than 20 years, and is excited to present its new liquid range.  

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Cirrus Fine Coffee

Cirrus Fine Coffee Closed Loop Society

The Closed Loop Society and Cirrus Fine Coffee are roasting and supplying amazing coffees out of its Port Melbourne HQ.

Dedicated to a closed loop system approach and committed to sustainability and sourcing some of the best coffees available, Cirrus Fine Coffee roasts specialty-grade and unique single origin coffees in small batches, then delivers it fresh.

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Grinders Coffee

Grinders Coffee new packaging

Grinders Coffee is introducing new packaging with a simple design and better colour cues to differentiate its blends. Its new-look bag also features flavour descriptors at the top, and, of course, it still has the freshness valve on the back.

In addition, Grinders is evolving its logo to a more refined, unified trademark that continues to build on the strength Grinders has as a Melbourne-based coffee roaster.

Grinders is also updating its coffee names to more modern names that reflect what’s in the bag. Its Brazil blend will be renamed Classic, Crema to Foundation, and Organic to Source. 

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Astoria Storm

Astoria Storm

The Astoria Storm is the machine for baristas who want focus and total control in every element of coffee production. 

To provide such control, the Astoria Storm is designed with customised features, including pre-infusion, temperature, and brewing customisation.  Read more


Satake FMS2000-F

The Satake Pikasen FMS2000 is a compact, cost-effective optical sorter, ideal for green bean and roasted coffee industries. 

It is critical for high quality, specialty beans to present an accurate and uniform colour to customers.  Read more

Anfim Pratica

Anfim Pratica

The next generation grinder series from Anfim introduces the Anfim Pratica. This model is the latest addition to the Anfim family, which holds true to the heritage of the brand and aims to produce the best flavour for espresso. Read more

Mythos Two

Mythos Two Gravimetric

The Mythos Two Gravimetric ensures maximum density and accuracy. Together with the gravimetric machine, the brew ratio is consistent to always offer the best espresso. The dose remains unchanged even if you change the granulometry setting. This patented system, introduced in the new variable speed motor, produces three beneficial effects: it provides a consistent speed from the first second, reduces the temperature modes, and ensures effective energy savings.  Read more

Seven Miles

Seven Miles Coffee Roasters The Cat’s Pyjamas

Rich, luxurious, and surprising, The Cat’s Pyjamas from Seven Miles Coffee Roasters is made for espresso – on its own or with milk. 

Two blends are available, including the original Cat’s Pyjamas blend called Mice Will Play, which is exclusive to and roasted in Brisbane, and the other, a new blend roasted at Seven Miles’ Manly Vale Roastery, and available throughout Australia. Read more

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