coffee fruit bar

Coffee Fruit Bar

Coffee Fruit Bar is Australia’s first environmentally conscious health bar made from upcycled coffee fruit pulp. A product of I am Grounded, a social enterprise based in Brisbane, each bar contains 10 grams of upcycled coffee fruit pulp concentrate. Read more

Mazzer S

Mazzer S

The new Mazzer S espresso grinder models meets the needs of professional baristas. Including the Robur S and the Kold S, these grinders are available in doser and electronic on-demand. 

Most cafés know how much coffee they go through, however countless kilograms are lost due to retention, purging the grinder in between grind adjustments, burr changes, and maintenance checks without any sort of tracking system. This can lead to future technical issues and inconsistent coffee. Read more

locale 141 seasonal blend

Locale No.141 Seasonal Blend

The No.141 Seasonal Blend from Locale Coffee Roasters is a pleasant burst of flavour on the palate. With Locale’s new autumnal release, it’s sourced three exceptional coffees direct from origin. The first is Agua Limpa from Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza in Brazil, meaning ‘environmental fortress farm’. Read more

Niche Zero

Niche Zero

A smooth and accurate step-less grind adjustment allows users to easily move throughout the different grind size choices from an espresso to filter and back again very easily without any timely recalibration or unnecessary coffee wastage.  Read more

White Eagle T3

VA358 White Eagle T3 Multi Boiler

The Victoria Arduino White Eagle offers the same precision and stability known from T3 Technology. The two-group model only requires 25 amps and the three-group only requires 32-amp power. This machine is dedicated to mainstream specialty coffee. It’s consistent, reliable, and efficient. Read more

Bond St

Veneziano Coffee Roasters Bond St blend

Veneziano Coffee Roasters is excited to share the first release of Bond St for 2019. It’s all about the Fazenda California Cold Soul here, which is a great showcase of what Brazil has to offer when radical and modern processing techniques are applied. 

This blend contains 50 per cent Fazenda California, 25 per cent Colombia De Los Andes and 25 per cent Peru Monte Verde. Read more

No143 seasonal blend

Locale No143 Seasonal Blend

With notes of caramel, dark chocolate, and hazelnut, the No143 Seasonal Blend from Locale is full-bodied with mild acidity and a beautifully balanced finish. Ideal as an espresso or through milk, No143 is the bigger, more voluptuous counterpart to Locale’s original No141 Seasonal Blend. Read more

Oxo Pop

OXO Pop containers

OXO POP is a storage solution filled with endless possibilities for café owners looking to organise their kitchens and pantries. With 14 sizes, eight innovative accessories, an updated, modern look, and a new dishwasher-safe construction, OXO POP containers offer endless pop-abilities to organise a café or restaurant.  Read more

Pauls Zymil

Pauls Zymil

Pauls Zymil is Australia’s favourite lactose-free milk that loves its customers as much as they love their coffee. It is easy to digest, meaning that it is gentler on the stomach and less likely to leave customers feeling uncomfortable.

Pauls Zymil is a beautiful, easy frothing milk, which gives a rich, dense, creamy froth to coffees. It is the perfect choice for customers that want real dairy milk but don’t like or want soy or other non-dairy alternatives.  Read more

Milklab macadamia

Milklab Macadamia

Milklab Macadamia is made in Australia with 100 per cent Australian roasted macadamias, perfect for creamy lattes, smoothies, and more.

Milklab is an Australian collaboration between foodies, baristas, and farmers to develop milks that complement the intensity of espresso, and the texture and stretch needed for espresso-based coffees.  Read more