Precision Series

The Precision Series has been developed as a collaboration between Veneziano Coffee Roasters and Detpak to replicate the dine-in and takeaway coffee experience.

The cups, measured in millilitres, not ounces, have been designed to precisely reproduce dine-in cup volumes for the perfect coffee to milk ratio.  Read more

Melitta Cafina XT180

The Melitta XT180 is the newest edition in the professional XT series.

The filter coffee machine features an elegant profile with refined aluminium side walls (anodised and shot blasted), a robust touch display made of high-strength polycarbonate, ABS filter unit (dishwasher safe), and a painted stainless steel front.  Read more

Grinders Cold Brew

A growing number of consumers are looking for coffee alternatives, especially this summer. Grinders Coffee has launched its Cold Brew product, being served in cafés and restaurants around the country. It is also available in Woolworths stores nationwide.  Read more

The Eagle has landed

There’s a reason Australian baristas have a great reputation on the world stage when it comes to competitions. From the moment they start their campaign at the Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) regionals, to the national competition, all baristas are accustomed to world competition standards and machines, including the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle.   Read more

Pullman Tamper 

A Pullman tamper is perfectly matched to a Pullman filtration basket. It means more control over the variables affecting espresso extraction and a superior outcome for coffee makers. Read more


Recently launched at the Hong Kong Electronics show, the Evebot is set to add an exciting and interactive dimension to coffee art. Read more


The Bod cold brew system from BodyBrew is a simple and elegant way to produce sweet, delicious coffee concentrate that stays fresh in the fridge for up to two weeks. Drink it cold or hot, on demand.  Read more

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee System 

Nitro brew coffee is fast becoming a favoured cold beverage for coffee-lovers. The Nitro Cold Brew Coffee System creates a chilled, smooth and creamy beverage. Read more