Oxo Pop

OXO Pop containers

OXO POP is a storage solution filled with endless possibilities for café owners looking to organise their kitchens and pantries. With 14 sizes, eight innovative accessories, an updated, modern look, and a new dishwasher-safe construction, OXO POP containers offer endless pop-abilities to organise a café or restaurant.  Read more

Pauls Zymil

Pauls Zymil

Pauls Zymil is Australia’s favourite lactose-free milk that loves its customers as much as they love their coffee. It is easy to digest, meaning that it is gentler on the stomach and less likely to leave customers feeling uncomfortable.

Pauls Zymil is a beautiful, easy frothing milk, which gives a rich, dense, creamy froth to coffees. It is the perfect choice for customers that want real dairy milk but don’t like or want soy or other non-dairy alternatives.  Read more

Milklab macadamia

Milklab Macadamia

Milklab Macadamia is made in Australia with 100 per cent Australian roasted macadamias, perfect for creamy lattes, smoothies, and more.

Milklab is an Australian collaboration between foodies, baristas, and farmers to develop milks that complement the intensity of espresso, and the texture and stretch needed for espresso-based coffees.  Read more

So Good Vanilla

So Good Vanilla 1L frozen dessert

Sanitarium So Good Vanilla 1L frozen dessert is 97 per cent fat-, lactose-, and animal-free. This deliciously creamy frozen dessert is the perfect vegan offering for all frozen dessert needs, including affogatos, iced coffees, and smoothies.  Read more

Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend

Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend

Califia Farms’ Oat Barista Blend is landing in Australia. 

Made with whole rolled oats, the Oat Barista Blend is completely unsweetened and has no gums or stabilisers. Crafted in partnership with the barista community, Califia Farms made sure it exceeds expectations on both taste and performance. Read more

Vitasoy Café Baristas

Vitasoy Café for Baristas

Grown by Aussie farmers. Made in Australia.

Vitasoy Café for Baristas range is made exclusively for the trade and has been specifically formulated to complement barista skills and deliver the perfect plant-based coffee every time. Read more

Almond Breeze Barista Blend

Almond Breeze Barista Blend

Almond Breeze Barista Blend is Australia’s first almond milk developed in partnership with baristas, for baristas.  

It’s created with a focus on superior functionality and performance with coffee, especially for the experts behind the coffee machines.  Read more

Riverina Fresh Gold

Riverina Fresh Gold

Riverina Fresh knows that making great coffee requires great ingredients, so it has on-site staff testing the quality of its milk for consistent functional performance every day. Riverina Fresh has a smooth, full-bodied flavour and an unmistakably rich mouthfeel. It also knows that not all coffee blends are the same, which is why it developed Riverina Fresh Gold. Read more

Alternative Dairy Co barista milk

The Alternative Dairy Co Barista Milk

Proudly Australian made, these dairy-free milks have been specially crafted for coffee in collaboration with baristas, café owners, and non-dairy milk consumers to achieve the perfect formulation to complement espresso.

The Alternative Dairy Co milks are designed to texture and stretch while allowing the espresso to shine. They are lactose and dairy free, vegan friendly, low in sugar, and do not contain gluten.  Read more

Pauls Professional

Pauls Professional

With more than 80 years of dairy experience, rest assured that Pauls Professional has the right milk for you.

With the only national dedicated milk brand and range in the café market, Pauls Professional milk is specifically produced from its local dairy farms to perfectly complement coffee. Whether it’s Full Cream, Trim, Skinny, or Café Crema, Pauls Professional has a premium product to meet your and your customer’s needs. Read more