Seven Miles

Seven Miles Coffee Roasters The Cat’s Pyjamas

Rich, luxurious, and surprising, The Cat’s Pyjamas from Seven Miles Coffee Roasters is made for espresso – on its own or with milk. 

Two blends are available, including the original Cat’s Pyjamas blend called Mice Will Play, which is exclusive to and roasted in Brisbane, and the other, a new blend roasted at Seven Miles’ Manly Vale Roastery, and available throughout Australia. Read more

Wega Urban

Wega calls the new Wega Urban a “modern and aggressive” coffee machine resulting from the feedback of baristas and professionals from the world over.

This machines aims to satisfy every baristas need, in terms of functionality and ergonomics. Read more

Urban Barista

Urban Barista Power Lattes

Powered by Arkadia, Urban Barista is Maltra Foods’ specialty range of power lattes.

These ready-to-serve latte blends are developed using only the finest ingredients for a unique taste experience. Combined with organic coconut blossom sugar, Maltra Foods has created five artisan blends: Matcha, Turmeric, Beetroot, Hojicha, and Black Sesame. Just add five grams to 150 millilitres of hot milk to discover a harmony of flavour, colour, and texture. Read more

Alternative Dairy Co Almond and Soy Milk

Proudly Australian made, Alternative Dairy Co dairy-free milks have been specially crafted for coffee in collaboration with baristas, café owners, and non-dairy milk drinkers to achieve the perfect formulation to complement the espresso.

Alternative Dairy Co milks are designed to texture and stretch while allowing the espresso to shine through without being overpowered by almond or soy flavours. 

It is lactose free, dairy free, vegan friendly, low in sugar, and does not contain gluten. Plus, it’s 100 per cent animal free and like all plant-based products, there is less impact on the environment. Read more

Puretec’s Balance+ series

The role of water when creating coffee is to extract flavour compounds from the bean. Ideally, brewing coffee collects appetising compounds and leaves behind the unpleasant ones. Calcium, magnesium, and carbonate play an important role in enhancing and muting flavours derived from coffee grounds.  Read more

Slayer Steam X

Slayer Steam X

The Slayer Steam X represents a culmination of 10 years in dedication toward craftsmanship and the design of advanced barista tools. This machine innovates the barista workflow while dropping a new design platform to inspire. Dual volumetrics settings per group and an intuitive Barista Dashboard make it easy to dial in, serve, and elevate the café guest experience.  Read more

Arkadia Premium Syrups

Arkadia is proud to present its new Premium Syrups range. 

Arkadia has been delivering café indulgence to the industry for more than 20 years, and is excited to present its new liquid range. Read more

Tree Free Global cups

In response to environmental and bacterial concern in takeaway coffee, Tree Free Global believes it has the best environmental solution to replace disposable and reusable cups.  Read more

Monin Orange Spritz syrup

This is the ultimate new ingredient to prepare the well-known Spritz cocktail in a twisted coffee version. Pair Monin’s Orange Spritz syrup with tonic and cold brewed coffee in a tall glass for a refreshing iced coffee-based drink. This new product delivers orange zest notes and a long-lasting bitter-sweet orange finish. When the sun sets, twist all your classic iced coffees, sodas and lemonades with Monin’s Orange Spritz syrup.

For more information contact or call 1800 225 417.


For small businesses needing to contact suppliers for bulk food and coffee orders or chase payments, Australian internet provider service iiNet believes it’s developed the best value business phone – BizPhone. Read more

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