Wega Urban

Urban is the new Wega espresso machine created especially for the Australian market. The technology in the Urban comes from the progression of Wega’s multi-boiler technology range. It includes a new easy-to-use 1/4 steam tap for faster milk foaming, dry steam, service boiler boost for intensive work periods, and the opportunity to pre-set optional functions to control the machine. The Urban also comes with accurate temperature monitoring of its electronic components for precise diagnosis in real time, and pulse width modulation for meticulous temperature control.

For more information, visit www.cwe.com.au

Vitasoy’s Café for Baristas

Vitasoy believes plant milk should be made with high quality ingredients, using a process that is as simple as possible. It is committed to supporting the local community and proudly manufacturing its Café for Baristas products in Victoria, using whole Australian grown almonds and soy beans from regional New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. The Café for Baristas range is made exclusively for the trade and has been specifically formulated to complement barista skills and deliver the perfect plant-based coffee every time.

For more information, visit soy.com.au

Moccamaster Model 68

Moccamaster-manufacturer Technivorm is celebrating 50 years of designing coffee makers with the launch of a limited-edition filtered coffee maker, the Moccamaster Model 68.

“We kept many aspects of the original model and we added, for example, indicator lights and a selector knob for two to four and five to eight cups,” says Ina ten Donkelaar, Technivorm Managing Director.

“The technique ensures that the temperature and flow rate are perfect and the taste of your cup of coffee is always optimal.”

The new model is a tribute to founder Gerard. C. Smit, who designed the original model in 1968.

Moccamaster coffee makers emphasise ease of use, quality, durability and reliability. Their average lifespan of 20 years is due to their high-quality materials and replaceable parts.

The Moccamaster Model 68s are handmade in Amerongen. The new device has a retro look, designed in dark green and off white.

Earlier this year, Technivorm-Moccamaster won Coffee Machine Manufacturer of the Year 2018 in the LTG Lifestyle Awards.

The company is also celebrating the production of 10,000,000 devices.

For more information, visit www.moccamaster.nl.

Cafetto EVO

Cafetto’s Evo is a high performance cleaner formulated to clean espresso machine group heads, valves, and lines.

With the environment in mind, Evo contains only ingredients that are sustainably sourced and are not genetically modified.

As a result, this product is biodegradable and certified by both OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) and the BFA (Biological Farmers Australia) for use in organic systems. Available in 500-gram and one-kilogram jars.

For more information, visit www.cafetto.com

Monin salted caramel sauce

Make coffee drinks, shakes, desserts, and other recipes stand out with Monin’s new Salted Caramel sauce.

Delivering a sophisticated sweet-salt, smoky taste, this fun concoction encapsulates the classic delight of salted caramel. Read more

Eco Barista 

Eco Barista, a supplier to the specialty coffee industry, has launched a new range of premium coffee bags designed to keep beans fresh and flavour locked in.

Eco Barista coffee bags are available in a range of sizes. Each has features to suit retail or wholesale needs, including a resealable zip and a one-way decompressing valve.

Eco Barista’s bags are available as stand-up pouches or with a side gusset, and can be custom printed.

Coffee bags are the latest addition to the Eco Barista range of products for the specialty coffee industry. 

For more information, visit epsdistribution.com.au or call 1300 993 271 


Teapigs has a great range of super premium tea. The whole leaves, herbs and flowers in its tea temples have been handled gently to maintain every drop of its precious flavour. Teapigs are housed in biodegradable tea temples, making it easy for baristas to prepare and for customers to see the quality of the product.  Read more

The Brew Bomb

The months are getting colder, but demand for cold brew is only heating up. 

At the 2017’s Specialty Coffee Association Expo, a little company by the name of Brew Bomb set up shop in the back corner of the expo with a little banner and the masterpiece brewing unit that is the Brew Bomb. 

Founder and the CEO Ray Buerger sold four machines at that launch event, including one to Klatch Coffee in Los Angeles, who has since integrated the machine for all of its commercial volumes of cold brew. 

In the past year, Ray has sold 28 units into the US market in “strategic places” for high-end specialty roasters wanting to convert their coffee into cold brew on a large scale, and each one shares the same positive feedback: it’s an asset for time, control, and quality.

Well Australia, we have good news to share – the Brew Bomb is here and ready for market distribution thanks to its partnership with Bombora Coffee + Water Supplies.  Read more

Mix 3 Button Font and Mix UC3

The sleek, stylish, three-button Mix font dispenses water at three different volumes and three different temperatures on demand. It is ideal for saving space, streamlining workflow and face-to-face customer interaction. The Mix makes workflow easy and allows users to set precise water volumes and temperatures to create long blacks, pots of tea, and filter brews at any time.

The sleek, space-saving Marco Mix Font is paired with the Marco Mix UC3 under-counter unit. The vacuum-insulated tank is an innovation in water boilers and  allows for up to 70 per cent more energy efficiency. 

For more information, visit www.espressomechanics.com.au or call 1800 000 162

Good Earth Organic Kombucha

When people attending Melbourne’s Food and Wine Festival along the Yarra River were presented with the Good Earth Kombucha range, their first reaction was, ‘what’s that?’

After sampling the product and learning what it is, their second reaction was, ‘wow, what a refreshing beverage.’

 These new Kombucha converts are not alone. There’s strong momentum behind the Good Earth Kombucha range, which has entered the Australian café market as a healthy replacement for sugary soft drinks.

In its simplest form, kombucha is a fermented tea product made from tea, sugar, water and SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). Read more

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