Mazzer ZM goes back to the future

In 1958, Mazzer produced its first ZM machine in an old factory near Venice in Italy.

Back then, Mazzer’s Product Manager Silvia Marcato says the ZM was simply a grocery grinder, able to grind from espresso to moka and coarser. Read more

Water hardness made easy

By Dr. Monika Fekete, Founder of Australian Coffee Science Lab.

Water makes a long journey to get to our drinking tap – from its starting point as rainfall over mountains, through the natural environment, treatment plants, and pipes. Along the way, it picks up a little bit of everything it touches, including minerals, rust, and organic residues. Read more

Marco’s Sp9: filter made easy

Brett Dedman, Business Development Manager of Espresso Mechanics, frequently talks to café customers about the right equipment to suit their venue based on size and need. Read more

Stagg EKG

San Francisco-based company Fellow has launched the new Stagg EKG via Kickstarter, an electric version of its Stagg Stovetop. Read more

Isomac 6-1 Pro

The new Isomac Pro 6.1 machine is equipped with an insulated copper boiler for energy saving and increased thermal stability. Read more

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