Celebrate sustainability in BeanScene’s June edition 

BeanScene June edition

The coffee industry is dedicated to building a truly sustainable supply chain from crop to cup to ensure its longevity and prosperity.

Sustainable solutions are being activated at every corner of the coffee industry, from traceable and ethical coffee sourcing to energy-saving coffee machines and recyclable coffee packaging.

There are many positive stories of change, and in the June edition of BeanScene, we want to share these stories that matter.

So, what does “sustainability” look like to you?

  • Economic growth
  • Supply chain transparency
  • Fair living wages
  • Stable coffee prices
  • Relationships at origin
  • Recyclable or reusable packaging materials
  • Energy-saving equipment
  • Low-emission roasting
  • Waste reduction
  • Reusuable coffee cup production
  • Social initiatives

BeanScene’s June edition will look at the industry’s top players making a sustainable impact. From green bean traders to manufacturers, roasters to café operators, we invite you to share your sustainable commitment with the national coffee market.

Expressions of interest will close on 24 April 2024.

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