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Chalet Co

Just south of Noosa is Sunrise Beach, a town Connie Pai calls a hidden gem.

“Sunrise is one of the quieter beaches if you want to escape from all the tourism in Noosa. You’ve got more locals here,” she says.

Connie opened Chalet & Co in 2016 with her husband Will Lillecrapp after years of working as a barista.

“I’d been working in cafés around town for seven or eight years and always wanted to open my own,” Connie says.

Before Connie had bought the venue, she knew who her roaster partner would be.

“Campos Coffee was my first choice before I even knew we were opening this café. I got John [Ronchi, Director of Campos Coffee QLD]’s phone number then contacted the head office,” she says. “I’m really happy with them.”

Chalet & Co serves the Campos Superior Blend for its tasting notes of sweet red fruit with caramels and chocolates.

“They even sent someone to have a look at the spot for us before we opened.”

Despite her experience working in cafés, it was through visiting and trying other venues, local and in the city, that Connie became aware of Campos.

“Campos was the coffee I always found good and consistent. I know they’ve got high standards,” she says.

To complement its coffee, Chalet & Co offers a range of traditional café items, vegan options, and gluten-free alternatives.

“We’ve got your old school eggs Benedict and bacon and eggs that the tradies like, or healthy alternatives like vegan porridge, house-made paleo granola, vegan falafel, and superfood salad that attracts fitness people,” Connie says.

Chalet & Co takes its name from Beach Chalet, the general store that existed at the location prior to the café.

Connie says Chalet & Co has received good support from both the local community and tourists visiting the area.

“[The café]’s right near the beach, so we’ve got a lot of Airbnb places nearby and a lot have recommended people come to our café,” she says. “When you get a good review, it feels really rewarding.”


11/1 Tingira Cres, Sunrise Beach, Queensland, 4567

Open Monday to Saturday 6am to 3pm, Sunday 6:30am to 2pm

(07) 5319 3075

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