Cheeky Sparrow

Something cheeky is hiding down the laneway in Wolf Lane, central Perth.

Cheeky sparrow has only been open a few months, but owners Peter Bell from the fremantle football Club and Tony Tricarico have established something they say is quite unique. This small venue offers morning coffee and late night liquor, encompassing the best of both worlds and enticing customers to stay from morning til night.

Incorporating a retro feel with an orange, brown and white interior, this two-level café seats 80 people. Mikko Vassi, Head Barista at Cheeky sparrow, says the aim of the café is to leave customers more educated about coffee.“There’s a lot of coffee places in the area, but Perth is lifting its game,” he says. “We find that interstate customers have a different experience with coffee but now we’re meeting their expectations.”

Cheeky espresso uses a fully manual Synesso coffee machine. The house blend is Toby’s Estate Woolloomooloo blend, which Manager Chris Littler says is “sweet enough to impress any coffee date, yet ballsy enough to get you through the morning grind”. Mikko says this blend has a bit of “gusto” and really stands up in milk coffees.

Single origin coffees are also available and rotated every few weeks, including the current sumatra blend; a citric coffee with fruit notes, suited to an espresso style. Perth is known for its great climate and blue skies, even in the middle of winter but when the summer heat comes, cold press coffee is also available to cool down customers.

Those looking for a late night kick can benefit from great coffee and alcohol in an espresso martini. Combining a double espresso shaken over Jameson’s 12-year- old Irish Whiskey, Galliano Ristretto and Massenez Creme de Cassis, as the sun down goes down, this is a crowd favourite and served in a cappuccino cup – just for a twist. Changing pace from barista to bartender, Mikko says he develops friendships during the day and becomes an listening ear at night.

For the hungry sparrow, Head Chef Bekk Bontempo cooks up the breakfast and lunch menu, encompassing quality food in a rustic, simple way. A must-try is the spanish bacon and eggs, homemade muesli, as well as the salads, spanish ham and paninis for lunch.

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