Choosing the right dairy alternatives for your café

café dairy alternatives

With recent research suggesting dairy alternatives are used in about 25 per cent of all milk-based coffees in Australia, plant-based milk brand Vitasoy says it’s never been more important that cafés consider the quality and impact of the products they’re using.

“The rise in popularity of dairy alternatives is really thanks to several factors. First is the ever-increasing quality of plant-based milks for coffee, which can now perform as well as  dairy,” says Nick Bartram, Marketing and Strategy Director of Vitasoy Australia.

“The community is also really coming to terms with how important it is to make sustainable choices. It’s well known that plant-based milks are better for the environment and that’s leading many coffee drinkers to make the switch.”

While plant-based milks generally contribute less carbon emissions than traditional dairy, cafés can further reduce that footprint by choosing products that are produced in Australia.

“Made with coffee in mind, our Café for Baristas range is home-grown in Australia  by groups of farmers dotted throughout the Eastern Sea Board and across to Western Australia. We proudly manufacture our products in regional Victoria at our Wodonga Factory, employing close to 100 locals.” Nick says.

“As a local business, it’s important to Vitasoy that we support our community, whether that’s through sourcing locally wherever possible or campaigns like CaféSmart that give back to the wider community.”

A longstanding figure in the dairy alternative movement and industry, Vitasoy has also had the ability to refine its products to work in harmony with coffee. Its Café for Baristas range includes the classic Soy, on-trend Oat, and a recently reformulated Almond to work even better with coffee.

Matthew Lewin, 2019 Australian Barista Champion, partnered with Vitasoy to reformulate the almond milk, taking part and hosting several trials and testings before settling on the best recipe possible.

“Café for Baristas Almond Milk now has a smooth, decadent flavour, with a high-quality sweet almond finish that completes the ultimate almond milk coffee experience,” Matthew says.

“Together with coffee, what you experience is mouth-watering, and utterly delicious – definitely assets I look for as a barista.”

Matthew will continue to work with Vitasoy, alongside its other coffee partners, to continue to lift the bar when it comes to plant-based milks for coffee.

To celebrate World Plant Milk Day on 22 August, Vitasoy teamed up with coffee friends and partner cafés to run a series of special plant-based offers. For more information on Vitasoy you can follow along on their socials @vitasoycafe or visit

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