Clark Street Coffee releases compostable coffee packaging

CLark Street Coffee

Melbourne-based Clark Street Coffee has begun using redesigned compostable packaging to package and distribute its coffee.

“We’ve got a strong focus throughout our company on sustainability,” Clark Street Coffee Founder Melissa Floreani says. “Clark Street Coffee wants to provide or customers with an aesthetically pleasing bag to put on display in their stores, and it’s also 100 per cent compostable”

The rust/rose colour of the bags is taken from the ceramic pottery that lines the espresso bar attached to the roastery.

“A Melbourne artist named Shari Lowndes made the ceramics using coffee chaff, a by-product of roasting, to create the colours,” Melissa says. “That colour inspired our bags and almost brings it full circle back to the coffee.”

The redesigned packaging adapts the Plimsoll line figure seen on the container ships carrying coffee to display roast dates. The device is also used on the roaster’s coffee cards to display tasting notes.

“Our customers are very well educated in coffee. They’re looking for a high-end coffee solution for their cafes because they’re putting so much effort into their food and fit out, and the coffee – even the packaging and information – needs to match,” Melissa says.

Clark Street Coffee roasts two house blends, Mastermind and Wallflower, for milk-based and black coffees, as well as a number of rotating single origins.

“These house blends are seasonal, and while we keep a thread of consistency, they change as fresh coffees come in,” Melissa says.

“There’s a lot of interaction with our wholesale customers as to what we think they can get out of the coffee.”

All coffee roasted by Clark Street Coffee is available at its public bar in Richmond at 73 Crown St.

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