ClickPOS app streamlines café operations


ClickPOS has launched a new tablet application designed to simplify café operations and put valuable information in the hands of those who need it.

It’s been said that knowledge is power, and in the world of point of sale (POS) software, a new iOS application from ClickPOS offers just that. The ClickPOS app acts as a gateway to connect a café’s stored information to a centralised database, where product information, sales, and purchases are accessible at baristas’ and café owners’ fingertips. 

Ozkan Sahin, ClickPOS Managing Director, says the app can operate in any service business, including cafés, restaurants, mobile food service, and takeaway outlets.

“The food and beverage industry’s success relies on streamlining its business process resulting in better customer service. The ClickPOS app simplifies the order taking process by displaying user-defined options on the screen to create order dockets and receipts, capturing customers’ details, and identifying delivery options,” Ozkan says. 

The ClickPOS app, available through the App Store, is suitable for iPads – with Android compatibility coming soon – and makes it simpler for business owners to update, navigate, and communicate with staff. Once installed, the app will also sync to a café’s eftpos.

“Mobile ordering permits users to carry the iPad to a customer’s table to take orders and process payments. Bills can also be processed at the table via mobile eftpos which can also be integrated to the iPad, avoiding having the customer walk to a single counter,” Ozkan says. 

He adds that cafés using an outdated cash register or bulkier PC-based system will benefit from an iPad application that’s user friendly, easily updated, and hosted on the cloud, meaning the database is always backed up and can be accessed anywhere. 

“Baristas work in a small environment. The iPad conserves space, doesn’t have routers and cables running underneath the table, and makes it easier for baristas to move behind the register or make orders,” Ozkan says.  

“iPads have the best resolution and sensitive touchscreen on the market, topped with the most stable operating system. It’s also easier to service or maintain and can be updated like a normal app.”

Because the ClickPOS app is cloud-based, it provides a cafe with multiple user access points to reach a wider audience

Once installed, the app produces a catalogue including multiple variant options, offering a selection of products to choose from. 

“When downloaded, it’s a blank database. Users can quickly build their menu and have the option of taking a photo of each product to use as the thumbnail, allowing any new staff to rapidly recognise the entire catalogue,” Ozkan says. 

“The product catalogue is categorised to make the screen look seamless and less cluttered. Customer options such as the size of the coffee, condiments, and milk can be built as variant buttons to avoid any typing, making the order taking process simple.” 

He adds that when a new employee starts, they should be able to use the screen without any training. 

“The screens have a simple flow, with step-by-step instructions and large images. The POS system guides the employee through the order-taking process, even prompting questions for payment,” Ozkan says. 

The app can also print order dockets to different locations within the café, eliminating the risk of lost receipts. 

“Regardless of the size of the establishment, the ClickPOS app can be scalable from being a small to large operation. Those options are readily available to set up once they’ve downloaded the app,” Ozkan says. 

“We chose to launch our new ClickPOS app for the coffee industry as Australia is booming with cafés. We can proudly say that the development, support, and hosting of the system is all local in Australia and has been for the past 20 years.”

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