CMT on why the Orchestrale Nota is ideal for the domestic market

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Coffee Machine Technologies Founder John Colangeli explains why the Orchestrale Nota is the ideal professional machine for the domestic market.

To a musical composer, one of the most important characteristics of music is the control on every note. Australian distributor Coffee Machine Technologies believes espresso machine manufacturer Orchestrale, a brand conceptualised around the idea of music, embodies the essence of this skill, and that of Italian taste, with the Nota espresso machine.

“Orchestrale means ‘orchestra’ in English, and Nota, the model of machine, means ‘note’. The spirit of the brand is dedicated to music, as [the Co-founder Marco Breda] believes music is a place of connection, like coffee,” says John. “The Orchestrale Nota is the essence of shapes and contents paired with the right technique and the right control.”

The Nota is a one-group professional espresso coffee machine with a thermosiphonic supply system. This is a method of passive heat exchange that circulates fluid without the necessity of a mechanical pump, allowing for self- regulating temperature control.

“With its three-litre capacity boiler, it’s almost twice as large as all the other single group heat exchangers around. As a result, this offers huge steam power, quick recovery, and temperature stability,” says John.

“There’s no other machine on the market that can compare, because even a twin boiler doesn’t have the same capacity as what this single-boiler heat exchange machine has. It’s constantly replenishing and recirculating freshly filtered water, rather than storing stale water like a dual-boiler machine would.”

The E61 lever brewing raised group head, named after the year it was invented, allows for manual control over the temperature instead of a pre-programmed digital device. The Nota also includes a professional-sized rotary pump with a capacity of 150 litres per hour, which permits a much longer lifespan, quieter operation, and a consistent and adjustable pressure.

The machine also has automatic boiler water loading, a motor pump with air cooling, thermostat for heating element protection, as well as separate boiler pressure and pump pressure gauges. These functions are wrapped in a satined stainless-steel frame AISI 304.

“This is the machine we would recommend to all our friends and family as a commercial machine for the at-home market. The captivating look of the Orchestrale Nota sets it apart. It is a versatile machine and would sit nicely in a kitchen at home or at a bar or restaurant. And with a retail price of under $4000, it’s definitely worth the price,” says John.

The latest version of the Nota comes with Thermo Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) temperature control. John says the machine is created for both expert and less experienced baristas, guaranteeing high performance of coffee extraction and steam without needing a double boiler.

“The Thermo PID allows the barista to use three programmed profiles: the extraction profile, suitable for a perfect extraction and for single origin coffee or blend testing; the latte or steam profile, suitable for an excellent steam performance and latte art; and the hybrid profile, fitting for an optimal balance between extraction and steaming,” he says.

John says when Orchestrale Co-founder Marco began production of the Nota espresso machine 10 years ago. He wanted to build “the best machine for the at-home market”.

“In my opinion, he’s done just that,” he says. “When I sell this machine to customers, I tell them, ‘this is a machine that you will pass down to your kids’. That’s how much we believe in the brand and how much confidence we have in its longevity and consistency. It’s not a machine you buy and keep for five to 10 years, it’s a machine you can keep forever.”

Marco says the brand aims to guarantee reliability, efficiency, and consistency, so the customer doesn’t require technical skills and can devote themselves to offering an excellent coffee.

“A passionate barista is the greatest conductor, and a specialty coffee is the best composition. Combined with an Italian coffee machine, it makes for the finest orchestra,” he says.

Coffee Machine Technologies has partnered with Orchestrale since 2013, a collaboration that paved the way for a range of domestic espresso machines.

“They are an exceptional brand, and their products continue to be in high demand,” says John. “We’re proud to work with a company that values quality, reliability, and a consistent result in the cup as much as we do.”

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