Coffee Anthology

Coffee Anthology Owner Adam Wang has a small problem when it comes to selecting the coffee to put into his hopper each day. “There’s too many wonderful coffees to choose from,” he says.

As such, Adam is determined to showcase different roasted beans from around Australia and present customers with a unique coffee experience.

“I’ve tried lots of different coffee roasters and if I like what I taste, I will happily add it to our menu,” he says. “I take customer recommendations, try new blends, and look for new roasters and blends all the time. Coffee can be quite subjective so we always look to serve two blends at any one time.”

Adam says it’s not uncommon to change one of his grinders with a new blend daily. He says his customers appreciate the diversity. “No matter what we serve each coffee is extracted to the best of its ability,” Adam says.
For those who hate change, Adam says Padre’s Daddy’s Girl blend is a popular staple coffee, as is Uncle Joe’s Coffee House.

Other roasters who have graced his La Marzocco Strada EP include Industry Beans, Duke Coffee Roasters, Small Batch, Market Lane, Proud Mary, Seven Seeds, Cartel Coffee Roasters, Code Black, Single Origin Roasters, Reuben Hills, and Axil Coffee Roasters.

“My personal preference is African beans, so the best part of knowing so many roasters is that I can usually find a good Ethiopian bean at any time of the year,” Adam says.

To make the process less overwhelming for customers, Adam groups his coffee into four categories of different flavour profiles and origins. A variety of alternative brew methods are also available, including pour over and syphon.

Light lunch items complement the coffee menu, but predominantly, the focus is all about the beans. “We’re located in the Brisbane CBD with a busy culture of people who want items to go,” Adam says. “The great thing about Brisbane’s café scene is that it’s growing. There are lots of people doing great coffee and food, and it’s very healthy competition. Everyone wants to see each other do well.”

Coffee Anthology celebrated its first birthday on 7 July, but for the time being Adam is focused on serving is Brisbane customers, and preparing for the Australian Specialty Coffee Association Queensland Latte Art Championship.

“When I first started in the industry seven years ago I thought latte art was cool, but then I saw coffee making as more about perfecting extractions,” Adam says. “I’m passionate about coffee and love to learn.”

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