Coffee by Coops

Introducing a specially curated retail collection by coffee roasting consultant and educator Anne Cooper, aka Roastress Coops.

Often asked by roasters, “where can I taste your coffee?”, Anne was prompted to produce her own retail product for roasters to taste, enjoy, and learn from. 

Launching soon, this retail product is about much more than fancy packaging – it’s about sharing Anne’s roasting knowledge and philosophies as an educator and consultant. 

Each specially curated roasted product comes with roasting machine specs, green bean properties and measurements, detailed roast profile information with reasoning and data, and roast colour measurements. Brewing recommendations, tasting notes, and links to educational video content are also available. 

With this collection, Anne offers her experience, roasting approach, skill, knowledge, and understanding, so that roasters and enthusiasts alike can taste, learn and easily apply any elements of the roast profile to their own roasting. 

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