Coffee Hit launches rebrand

Coffee Hit

Australian specialty coffee brand Coffee Hit has announced a brand refresh, including a rollout in selected Woolworths Metro stores in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland from June.

The new Coffee Hit slogan ‘coffee that goes places’ is connected to its fundamental purpose of providing access to specialty coffee for all.

The new tagline ‘a cup of the good stuff’ signifies the approachable, friendly nature of the brand. ‘A cup’ is also a small measure of something. Coffee Hit by its own definition is suggestive of a ‘hit’, something small that provides a much-needed boost.

In line with the refreshed brand strategy, the Coffee Hit product range has undergone a makeover with new blend names and packaging, though the blends themselves have not changed. The packaging has been designed to represent places, connected to some of the most popular lifestyles and situations in which customers drink its coffee.

Boomtown, previously known as Fiend, is an intense, bold cup that has been designed to cut through milk, ideal for people with an active lifestyle that need a Coffee Hit post workout. Landmark, previously known as Ultimate, the signature blend, is used in all Coffee Hit cafés. It’s an all-rounder and can be consumed as a black or milky coffee. Uptown, previously known as Exotica, is a fruity, refined blend. Hinterland, previously known as Serene, is a Certified Organic and Fairtrade blend. Off The Grid, previously known as Caff-Free, is the decaffeinated blend for a lighter hit.

Coffee Hit has created a discount code for BeanScene readers. Use code ‘CHBEANSCENE’ for 20 per cent off coffee until the end of April.

Coffee Hit was born 15 years ago with the purpose of making specialty coffee and Melbourne café culture accessible all over Australia. This was achieved by launching specialty franchise cafés with in-house coffee roasters in suburban areas across the country and the first dedicated online coffee store. That purpose remains strong and influenced the refresh of its brand strategy and packaging design.

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