Coffee in space to be explored this National Science Week

coffee space

To commemorate National Science Week – 10 to 18 August – Dr David Hoxley from La Trobe University will lead a hypothetical forum, where research scientists roleplay how they would roast, grind, and extract quality coffee in the extremes of space.

This event is preceded by a public lecture by David and Dr Monika Fekete from Melbourne Coffee Science Lab in which the science behind coffee is de-mystified.

After the event, members of the public are invited to taste and rate the different styles of coffee discussed and discover with the benefit of microscopes how the different shapes and sizes of coffee grinds affect taste.

David says the idea for Coffee in Space came from a passion to make science more accessible to students and the wider public.

“The La Trobe Science Outreach team and I created Coffee in Space because we are all on a mission to see more students enthusiastic about, and participating in STEM,” David says.

“Coffee in Space will show both students and coffee connoisseurs alike that with a little bit of science, and a lot of passion, it could be possible to enjoy a cup of coffee anywhere in the galaxy.”

Coffee in Space lectures and coffee tastings events are free to attend and will take place at La Trobe’s Albury-Wodonga campus on 8 August, Shepparton on 9 August, and Bendigo on 18 August.

The lecture, roleplaying forum, and tastings will take place at Melbourne’s Art Centre on 11 August.

Monika says her work in coffee and water science has become an educational tool for coffee professionals.

“Local baristas are using the latest research findings into coffee science to help them consistently make the best coffee for their customers,” Monika says.

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