Coffee industry unites to fight homelessness on 3 August


StreetSmart has announced that CafeSmart2018 will take place on 3 August.

Each year, the coffee community comes together to help raise awareness and vital funds to combat homelessness.

On 3 August, CaféSmart participating cafés will donate $1 from every coffee sold on the day to support local homeless projects in their local suburbs. 

Coffee roasters have been the driving force behind CafeSmart, supporting the cause through the donation of beans to wholesale customers. Coffee drinkers are encouraged to go to a local participating café, buy a coffee and make a donation. Donations fund grassroots projects close to where the funds are raised, hence the #helpyourhood social tag.

Projects provide emergency aid and accommodaton. They also promote social inclusion, empowerment and sustainable change to help people avoid or move out of homelessness.

Last year, more than 750 cafés and 50 coffee roasters and 100,000’s of café customers helped raise $285,000 and fund 152 community projects, making it CafeSmart’s most successful year to date. StreetSmart Founder Adam Robinson hopes this is the year to break all records of participation and total funds raised.

“We believe everyone has the right to a safe and secure place to call home. We love partnering with the coffee industry to work together to strengthen local communities,” Adam says. “These smaller organisations are critical in helping many people in crisis but they often lack the resources, people and networks to fundraise themselves.”

Since 2003, StreetSmart has raised more than $5.1 million, supported 1645 community projects and 566 organisatons, and helping thousands of people.

CaféSmart’s mission continues, and with more urgency, to deliver vital funding into smaller charities and organisations tackling the homelessness crisis.

One organisation that’s benefitted from the donations of CaféSmart is St Kilda Mums.

“We help 125 families every week and this support allows us to provide cots – a safe place for their baby to sleep dream and play. What better way to welcome a new baby. Thank you to everyone who supports CaféSmart,” says Jess Macpherson, CEO and Founder.

Get involved in CaféSmart 2018 and join the cause as a participating café, a coffee roaster partner, or an event sponsor. Partner and support a feel-good, innovative event which impacts your local community.

Sponsors have numerous branding opportunities across printed collateral, web and social media. It’s a great way to connect café partners with roasters, and suppliers across Australia.

“We want 2018 to be our biggest event yet and to do that we need you to jump on board and make things happen,” Adam says. “If you’re interested we’d like to hear from you.”.

Help make homelessness a priority. Join CaféSmart today.

For more information on becoming a café or roaster partner or sponsor visit or call Adam on 0488 336419 and #HELPYOURHOOD

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