Coffee Machine Technologies celebrates its 20-year anniversary

Coffee Machine Technologies

This year Coffee Machine Technologies celebrates its 20-year anniversary. The company reflects on its growth journey and how it will carry that success into the future.

Not all companies can attest to reaching two decades of business. It’s a milestone that is a result of years of dedication and hard work, and now, Coffee Machine Technologies Founder John Colangeli says it’s time to take a step back and celebrate what its achieved.

“Twenty years ago, I never imagined this is where the business would be today,” says John. “To go from being a man with a van to one of the most recognised independent service establishments in Australia is something I’m immensely proud of.”

When John set out to make a name for himself, he saw that the industry needed a service department that could supply and service a range of coffee roasters, coffee chains, independent cafés, and corporate organisations on a national scale.

“We operated as a service company for the first five years, with handpicked industry technicians who were providing around-the-clock support to all customers. Then we expanded the business to include selling and distributing equipment,” John says.

“I was eager to take it to the next stage, and perfect sales, customer relations, and account management. That’s when [National Sales Manager Carmelo Corallo] came on board and helped me bring that vision to life.”

Carmelo says when he first began working with John, most coffee companies had their own technicians to fix coffee machines. He says hiring an external service provider “wasn’t the done thing”.

“John quickly built a reputation of offering customers integrated and tailored service solutions designed for the hospitality industry. It gave customers the peace of mind that we could handle the jobs no one wanted to do,” he says.

Carmelo was brought on board to assist John with the increasing machine sales and customer relations growth.

“I remember telling John, ‘I am like an octopus, I’ve got eight arms that can all work on eight different needs at once’,” he says. “If John was prepared to do it, so was I.

“Today, thanks to our hard work and dedication, we’re recognised as an industry leader in international and domestic markets for coffee equipment service, repairs, and sales.”

Coffee Machine Technologies is so internationally recognised, that in September 2023, the national distributor was awarded the Italian Business Award 2023 from the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Australia. This award acknowledges excellence in business success, support of the Australian- Italian community, and exceptional accomplishments by a company that goes above and beyond to offer excellent products or services.

“This was an absolute dream come true moment for the company. We are proud to be continually working with our Italian partners,” John says.

Coffee Machine Technologies has a branch office and warehouse in Sydney, two showrooms in Victoria in Rye and Carlton, and a recently upgraded head office in Tullamarine with larger and more advanced facilities. John says the relocation was spurred by rapid growth and the need for expanded capabilities.

“The new premises signifies a substantial step forward, with quicker access to stock and parts enabling the team to enhance the efficiency in delivering equipment and services to customers. The increased space also allows for more room for in house repairs and equipment preparation, ensuring higher quality and prompt delivery,” John says.

The expanded location will feature a dedicated showroom, where the distributor can exhibit its diverse range of products and innovations. John says the 800-square metre space symbolises its commitment to excellence, and innovation in the coffee industry.

“Watching the brand’s growth and impact on the coffee industry has been the most rewarding part of my career,” he says.

“All I wanted to do was create a business that would leave a legacy, leave something behind that we’ve built, but I think we’ve done more than that. I’m so proud of the impact we’ve made on coffee, and to the people who live for it.”

John says nowadays, excellence lies in being able to manage changes and where possible, anticipate it. He says Coffee Machine Technologies is made up of motivated people who are committed to offering outstanding solutions and exceeding expectations.

“I was very fortunate to find a team of sales representatives and technicians that were just as passionate as I was about coffee. We didn’t lose any time training people up. They had prior expertise and knowledge that allowed me to throw them straight into the deep end and service client’s machines,” says John.

“I don’t make decisions without consulting the team. I know I can trust them to make important decisions with the company’s best interests in mind.”

Thanks to such partnerships, Carmelo says Coffee Machine Technologies has become a successful and high-level distributor and independent service provider, but one that retains a family feel.

“I’m proud to say I’m a part of a family business. To watch John’s son, Gianluca, gain more responsibilities and become the next generation of business is a really rewarding thing to see,” he says.

John says he also enjoys watching Gianluca gain confidence in different aspects of the business. He has since become Assistant General Manager, which has taken a lot of pressure off John.

“As his experience grows it is inevitable that he will take over the business. I’m proud to work alongside him and watch him gain respect from everyone in the industry,” he says.

John says Coffee Machine Technologies is thankful for the past 20 years. He says none of it would be possible without the support of the people who have bought its machines, given feedback, shared their experiences, and helped the business grow.

“We’re growing our team while remaining true to our roots to support the hospitality industry to thrive with our machines,” John says.

“It’s been an amazing 20 years, and we are looking forward to the next 20.”

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