Coffee Machine Technologies highlights its customer relationship with Fiorenzato

Coffee Machine Technologies

Coffee Machine Technologies highlights its customer relationship with Fiorenzato, and how it helped the brand become internationally renowned.

When Coffee Machine Technologies (CMT) Founder John Colangeli introduced grinder manufacturer Fiorenzato to the Australian market in 2014, he saw the potential in the brand to innovate and make waves in the specialty coffee industry.

“The perfect coffee starts with the perfect grind, and you can’t get that without a quality grinder. I saw so much passion in the Fiorenzato family [when I first met them], and how much they believed in their own grinder products. I knew they wanted to make a globally successful brand,” John says.

“We recognised the quality of their grinders but also suggested areas for improvement. They valued our feedback and made substantial enhancements, from electrical functions to design. To this day, they send us their products for assessment before market release.”

In return, CMT acknowledges the trust the grinder manufacturer places in its team. The Australian distributor helped Fiorenzato’s grinders come standard with red speed burrs, which are a combination of high-grade hardened metals and offer extended grinding life.

“We were the first company to introduce a three-year commercial warranty and the revolutionary red speed blades to the market,” says CMT’s National Sales Manager Carmelo Corallo.

“When we decided to include grinders in our product collection, we were determined to offer the best blades as a standard feature.”

John says a drive towards innovation has allowed Fiorenzato to manufacture state- of-the-art products and solutions for coffee grinding. He says this all-round guarantee is the outcome of decades of experience and a longstanding partnership with CMT that has facilitated ongoing research into technologies, and aesthetic appeal.

“A Fiorenzato product offers high- quality coffee even under extreme operating conditions when consumption is high,” says John.

“In addition to constant monitoring of grinding, and reliable performance, which are factors that have strengthened the trademark on an international scale, these products have an elegant design that makes them stand out. This important feature, combined with low operating noise, makes Fiorenzato coffee grinders valuable tools for all professionals in the coffee sector.”

John says Fiorenzato has been able to design increasingly advanced and efficient grinders with “exceptional performance and ease of use”.

“Each grinder is able to ensure precision and consistency, reduce energy consumption, and offer exceptional reliability even when used over a long period of time,” he says.

To obtain a quality espresso, baristas can produce a constant dose of coffee with the Fiorenzato XGi line. The XGi grinder dosers require a one-time setting of the right amount of coffee to be dispensed. Thanks to the load cell located in the bottom of the XGi grinders and to a software that records and processes data, every dose of blend contains the exact amount of coffee required.

“This creates less waste because it allows you to precisely adjust the amount of coffee to be ground. You also have constant control of the number of ground grams thanks to the software monitoring the weight even when the machine is on standby,” John says.

Fiorenzato’s premium range of professional coffee grinders is the Pro Line Series, with a detachable grinding chamber that John says is easy to release and results in high performance and reliability.

“The Pro Line is an innovation that allows the baristas to operate with the grinder in a simple, intuitive, and fast way, by removing the detachable grinding chamber without modifying the grinding point setting,” he says.

“This also makes the maintenance operations of the grinder simpler and faster. It is no longer necessary to remove the adjustment ring to carry out periodic cleaning or burrs replacement. To access the grinding chamber, the barista can simply flip up the two clips situated either side of the coffee grinder and extract the desired component without losing the grinding point.”

John says the Fiorenzato F83 E Pro is one of the most popular grinder models sold at CMT.

“The F83 is equipped with 83-millimetre burrs to support a high-volume business and XGi grind-by-weight technology to expedite workflow. It has one of the coolest innovations for coffee grinders and a design that allows the grinding chamber to be detached with the release of two levers, making cleaning a breeze. The 4.3-inch touchscreen in-plane switching display has an intuitive user interface and scrolling menu so you can monitor coffee stats and easily switch between grinding modes,” he says.

Despite a wealth of intuitive features, Carmelo says the Fiorenzato grinder is still an affordable product.

“You definitely get a lot of bang for your buck. When we start to explain the advantages of having a Fiorenzato grinder, our café customers gravitate towards it, and find it hard to go back to another brand,” he says.

One of those customers is specialty coffee roaster The Bean Cartel. National Sales Manager Melissa Glentis says the Fiorenzato F83 E Pro is a tried and tested model at many of its wholesale locations.

“The consistency and ease of operation from both a training perspective and in- store is unmatched. Fiorenzato provides all the best of technology in a single grinder,” she says.

“CMT has always looked after us and provided us with the best service and technical help. We rely on partnering with the right people, and our longstanding partnership with them has proven very beneficial for us.”

Although Fiorenzato is considered one of the leaders in commercial espresso grinders, John also wanted a domestic grinder available to satisfy market needs. He says that’s how the Fiorenzato F4 Eco was born, which is a miniaturised version of the larger commercial models.

“I told Fiorenzato that we needed a grinder that was affordable for the at-home market with continuous dosing via a microswitch that detects the handle being locked into the grinder. After I was told it couldn’t be done, I personally added a microswitch to an electronic grinder and showed the team that it could, in fact, be done. The moment they saw I had done it, they went into production and made 4000 units, with ‘F4 Eco By John’ inscribed on the side of the grinder,” John says.

The Fiorenzato F4 Eco comes with a stepless grinding adjustment collar and fast and accurate grind performance at approximately nine seconds for a 20-gram espresso grind. It also has a compact coffee bean hopper with a capacity of about 600-grams, and continuous micrometric grinding adjustment.

“To say that this is a professional grade grinder is no overstatement. The F4 can be used in commercial environments for lower volume applications. This makes it a perfect home espresso grinder. It is fast, quiet, ultra- compact and performs exceptionally with consistency and reliability,” John says.

He adds that CMT will always support innovation and high hopes for the future of Fiorenzato grinders.

“We can’t wait to see what they do next,” he says.

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