Coffee Machine Technologies on the evolution of Fiorenzato’s coffee grinder burrs

Coffee Machine Technologies on the evolution of Fiorenzato’s coffee grinder burrs and how its latest blades deliver maximum performance.

As the industry’s knowledge continues to grow, so too does grinder technology and mechanics in a bid to deliver the most accurate, efficient, and evenly distributed coffee.

The latest innovation from coffee grinder manufacturer Fiorenzato is its Dark-T grinder burrs. Australian distributor Coffee Machine Technologies says the burrs are designed to care for high-quality coffee.

“The Dark-T burrs are a great all-rounder blade. Not only do they enhance the overall coffee experience, but they are also extremely durable, meaning you don’t need to switch out burrs as frequently and can therefore save money,” says Coffee Machine Technologies Assistant General Manager Gianluca Colangeli.

Developments in grinder technology have improved versatility as well as consistency and quality. Burrs can be made from a range of materials, each suited to different budgets and requirements.

One of the most common materials is titanium, which has a longer lifespan than standard hardened-steel blades. Red Speed blades are a combination of titanium and aluminium, and have an extended grinding life intended for high-volume venues.

“When Fiorenzato started making grinders in 1936 it used a standard steel burr. Eventually that evolved into a steel burr with red speed coating, ensuring the highest possible durability for a tool steel burr and lasting four times longer than a standard burr,” Gianluca says.

“The process of developing burrs can take between 18 months and two years. When developing the Red Speed burrs, Fiorenzato undertook many trials to understand how taste, grind size, and speed were impacted.”

The next burr evolution for Fiorenzato was the exploration of using M340 stainless steel, with a diamond-like coating derived from titanium, aluminium, carbon, and nitrogen.

“The diamond-like coating is even harder than Red Speed burrs and lasts five times longer than a standard burr. This means instead of getting somewhere around an 800-kilogram lifespan out of the burrs, you get almost 4.5 tonnes,” he says.

Thanks to the Australian distributor, the latest iteration of Fiorenzato blades, the Dark-T coated blades, have been available here since November 2023.

“The Dark-T burrs are an evolution of Fiorenzato’s M340 burrs, created to further enhance grinding performance,” says Gianluca.

Fiorenzato has moved to manufacture its burrs entirely in-house to allow for greater control over each individual component, and the assembly phase.

“The burrs start as a raw piece of steel before getting cut, shaped, and coated in-house,” Gianluca says.

Grinder burrs come in all shapes and sizes, each offering different benefits. Two of the most common types of burr blade shapes are conical and flat.

Conical blades, shaped like a cone, sit closely inside one another. The coffee bean is broken down as it moves between both of the burrs. Conical blades often feature low retention, whereas flat blades sit parallel to one another while the coffee beans travel between them.

“Fiorenzato’s three main commercial grinders are the F64, F71, and F83. The F64 comes with 64-millimetre flat blades, the F71 has 71-millimetre conical blades, and the F83 comes with 83-millimetre flat burrs. The Dark-T burrs are available for each blade diameter,” Gianluca says.

Coffee Machine Technologies has seen an increase in Fiorenzato grinder sales thanks to the upgraded burrs.

“A lot of our customers are telling us that the Dark-T burrs are enhancing the flavour of their coffee. The new and improved coating as well as the geometry of the blades is producing nothing but high-quality coffee,” he says.

One of those customers is specialty coffee roaster The Bean Cartel.

The roaster has utilised Fiorenzato grinders from Coffee Machine Technologies for many years. National Sales Manager Melissa Glentis says the Fiorenzato F83 E Pro is a tried-and-tested model at many of its wholesale locations, and that she’s noticed the superior quality since using the Dark-T burrs.

“The consistency and ease of operation in-store is unmatched. Fiorenzato provides the best of technology in a single grinder,” she says.

“The Dark-T burrs have an 83-millimetre diameter, which guarantees a larger grinding surface and avoids damage to the coffee beans. The coating also ensures our grinders will uphold the highest quality for years to come.

“CMT has always looked after us and provided The Bean Cartel with the best service and technical help. We rely on partnering with the right people, and our long-standing partnership with them has proven very beneficial for us.”

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