Coffee Machine Technologies prepares for recovery

Coffee Machine Technologies

Coffee Machine Technologies (CMT) Founder John Colangeli tells BeanScene the business has no intention of slowing down due to COVID-19.

“We’re here for the long haul. Over the last 16 or 17 years, we’ve developed a good reputation and want to hang around a lot longer, servicing the industry as best we can,” John says.

“Once things get better and more cafés can reopen, we want everyone to know that we’ll be here to support them.”

Thanks to JobKeeper, CMT’s full team is back to work as of May ensuring it can continue servicing remaining cafés and those that need help upon returning to business. CMT has reopened its Docklands showroom and never closed its service centres.

“We’re still actively servicing machines and through this pandemic, we haven’t been in the position where we can’t offer a customer the support they need,” John says.

“Nothing has changed, except that we’re taking all the necessary precautions. We’re using hand sanitiser, wearing face masks, and social distancing. We’re making sure the café knows when the technician arrives, to not to get too close, and maintain all the necessary precautions the government has implemented.”

CMT stock equipment from international brands including Fiorenzato, Elektra, La Marzocco, Brugnetti, and Orchestrale, among others. Many of these manufacturers suffered temporary shutdowns due to pandemics in their own countries. However, John says expect for shipment delays, CMT has largely escaped the blowback.

“A lot of our suppliers are only just coming back into operation now after almost two, or in some case three, months. We’ve currently got orders waiting with them, but we’re lucky because several arrived just prior to the pandemic taking hold,” he says.

With many remaining cafés food sales going down, they are relying even more on their coffee to stay afloat. John has even heard from customers who are selling more coffee during restrictions due to less competition. For these cafés, maintaining their equipment is crucial.

“We’ve seen a drop in maintenance over the last few years, due to there being so much competition and individual cafés making less coffee,” John says.

“But right now, you want maximum quality so people are still getting a great experience when they buy a coffee. Melbourne has a reputation for great coffee and we need to maintain that.”

This has carried across to the domestic market, where John says maintenance jobs have skyrocketed at the same rate as sales.

“Everyone is at home and a lot of their local cafes have closed down, so they’ve gone out and bought machines,” he says.

“People who have also been neglecting their machines for a while now want to get the best quality they can out of them.”

The coffee industry is unlikely to bounce back overnight once restrictions are lifted. However, CMT is prepared to help cafés through the recovery.

“It will be a long time before the industry fully repairs from this entire situation. We could be talking several years. I believe those who can maintain and stay open, will come back stronger,” John says.

“The coffee community in Australia is very tight knit. Everybody knows each other and I hope everyone stays safe and hangs in there. We’ll get through the other side.”

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