Coffee Machine Technologies spotlights the Fiorenzato AllGround Sense

Coffee Machine Technologies

Coffee Machine Technologies spotlights the Fiorenzato AllGround Sense, and how the product’s grind by weight technology streamlines workflow and increases the precision of the dose.

hen grinder manufacturer Fiorenzato launched the AllGround coffee grinder in 2021, it was its first high-performance grinder for the domestic channel, and served as a starting point for Fiorenzato’s Home Line. When the brand introduced the AllGround Sense integrated scale grinder in late 2023, it was designed to improve of the original and excel in any environment.

According to Australian distributor Coffee Machine Technologies, AllGround Sense embodies the essence of the Fiorenzato Home line and brings the experience of the professional world into the home market.

“The AllGround Sense stands as a high-performance grinder, catering to both home enthusiasts and the specialty coffee community. This versatile product guarantees maximum yield and accentuates the coffee’s aromatic nuances, all thanks
to its instant grinding capabilities and a tailored display,” says Coffee Machine Technologies Assistant General Manager Gianluca Colangeli.

Gianluca says the AllGround Sense is tailored to the needs of coffee enthusiasts as well as micro roasters, specialised coffee shops, and baristas with a taste for premium equipment.

“The grinder features a weighing technology built into the fork to ensure that the portafilter receives the exact grams of ground coffee every time. A dedicated touchscreen display also lets users select the exact grind dose for brewing, ensuring precision with every cup,” he says.

The AllGround Sense’s sister product, the AllGround Probrew grinder, is designed to minimise retention and waste thanks to its zero-retention bellow which replaces the traditional hopper. Both the AllGround Probrew and AllGround Sense come with a metal grind cup and Dark-T burrs specifically designed to produce the ideal grind size for filter brewing.

“The new Dark-T burrs are an evolution of Fiorenzato’s M340 burrs, created to further enhance grinding performance. AllGround burrs have a 64-millimetre diameter which guarantees a larger grinding surface, avoiding damaging the coffee beans. The black coating in titanium, aluminium, carbon, and nitrogen promises a durability five times longer than standard burrs,” says Gianluca.

“Grinding the beans on the spot enhances the aromatic notes of the coffee. With AllGround Sense we have the opportunity to meet everyone’s tastes with the three modes: espresso, moka, and filter.”

The user can simply rotate the ring nut that guides them between the different granulometries, to create their ideal cup of coffee. At the end of the stroke, the easy-open button is activated, which allows users to open and quickly clean the grinding chamber.

“For Espresso mode, Fiorenzato’s efforts were concentrated on the creation of a burr geometry so that the bimodal granulometry curve showed a low peak of “fines”- which led to increase the perception of bitterness – and a more pronounced curve of “boulders” – which convey the sweetness and aromatic part,” Gianluca says.

“For Filter mode, the burrs showed a very low level of fines in favour of greater homogeneity in the peak of boulders, ensuring the end user to be able to extract a great balance from the drink prepared with filter methods.”

In Moka mode, the curve shows peaks similar to Espresso ones but with levels of fines in the middle between Filter and Espresso. This conveys grater body and aromas into the cup, typical characteristics of the drink prepared with a pot.

“Thanks to the geometry and the inclinations specifically designed by the research and development team for AllGround, each type of grinding expresses the maximum performance and aroma,” says Gianluca.

The AllGround Sense grinder is available in a rich range of colours including a new copper and deep black.

“We’ve noticed a massive increase in sales since the product was released, thanks to a push on social media, and I think the specialty coffee market, especially for home users, is after precision in grinding. The AllGround Sense has an accuracy of 0.2-grams, which allows home users to get their ideal cup of coffee,” Gianluca says.

Despite a wealth of intuitive features, Gianluca says the Fiorenzato grinder is still an affordable product.

“The original AllGround is priced at $1500. For only $100 more, you can purchase the upgraded version, so it’s really a no-brainer for those looking for a quality grinder,” he says.

“You definitely get a lot of bang for your buck. When we start to explain the advantages of having a Fiorenzato grinder, our café customers gravitate towards it, and find it hard to go back to another brand.”

When Coffee Machine Technologies Founder John Colangeli introduced grinder manufacturer Fiorenzato to the Australian market in 2014, he saw the potential in the brand to innovate and make waves in the specialty coffee industry.

“We recognised the quality of their grinders but also suggested areas for improvement. They valued our feedback and made substantial enhancements, from electrical functions to design. To this day, they send us their products for assessment before market release,” says Gianluca.

Gianluca says a drive towards innovation has allowed Fiorenzato to manufacture state-of-the-art products and solutions for coffee grinding. He says this all-round guarantee is the outcome of decades of experience and a longstanding partnership with Coffee Machine Technologies that has facilitated ongoing research into technologies, and aesthetic appeal.

“A Fiorenzato product offers high- quality coffee even under extreme operating conditions when consumption is high,”
says Gianluca.

“In addition to constant monitoring of grinding, and reliable performance, which are factors that have strengthened the trademark on an international scale, their products have an elegant design that makes them stand out. This important feature, combined with low operating noise, makes Fiorenzato coffee grinders valuable tools for all professionals in the coffee sector.”

Gianluca says Fiorenzato has been able to design increasingly advanced and efficient grinders with “exceptional performance and ease of use”.

“Each grinder is able to ensure precision and consistency, reduce energy consumption, and offer exceptional reliability even when used over a long period of time,” he says.

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