Coffee Science Lab to host Water Workshop at Bureaux Collective

Coffee Science Lab

Dr Monika Fekete of Coffee Science Lab will host a Water Workshop at Bureaux Collective in Abbotsford, Victoria on 6 February.

This four-hour workshop will explore how water dissolves coffee solids during extraction on a molecular level and how minerals in water affects coffee taste.

Monika says the class Is perfect for baristas who want to understand and use the right minerals to create their brew water.

Dr Monika Fekete is a regular contributor to BeanScene Magazine. Read more of here work here:
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In the workshop, attendees will design their own recipes by calculating the correct amounts of each ingredient and can take home stock solutions made on the day, to experiment more later.

Monika says the workshop is a blend of theory and practical activities for baristas to try, test and clarify their understanding of water’s role in coffeemaking.

The Coffee Science Lab workshop will run from 1pm to 5pm and places are limited to a small group of 10.

For more information, click here.

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